Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Back to Work

Well, with Christmas now a whopping 43 days away and I have two whole gifts bought!  Which means that I only have about, I don't know... A bazillion left to get well, okay, I have the gifts for the people at work, so that's eight out of the way but those don't count and Tiny E is taken care of but like anyone has to twist my arm when it comes to getting to buy cute things for her, my problem now is being strong about saying NO! to the entire world of things that I know she would like.  Oh, and lets not even talk about where I am on Dog Cookies...

And of course that damnable Hammacher Schlemmer catalogue is still sitting around being all sneaky and insidious and attractive. Raising the question, if its too expensive to buy for myself, is it too expensive to buy as a gift? When I wasn't shopping or pouring over evil catalogues over the past few days I was taking pictures  . I called it "part 1" because about half the leaves at Dix haven't even changed yet and I took those over lunch and I got as far as I could during my lunch break. I'm going to go walk another section of the path later this week.

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