Friday, November 21, 2008


And we have snowfall. According to the guy who delivers my paper it has been snowing since 3am. It's not sticking as yet. but it's real snow... It was real snow. AS soon as it got light enough to enjoy it, it stopped.

Woo-Hoo! Cheap-er books at the fair! Woo! Also?  as of November 19th my garden finally died. actually, it froze to death. My peppers and large tomatoes really held on like champs, but they were too tall to cover and nature took its course. My baby broccoli are still short so covering them was easy and I did. I  just realized something about myself,  I am an ageist. Young and cute?  I go out of my way to make sure you stay warm at night  but work for me all summer, sweat in the heat and produce your little heart out for months and I let you freeze to death when you get old. I am a mean person.

Saturday I'm going to take my big plants out and prep the soil for the winter. Maybe I'll manafest my ageism and show the baby brocs some love. Or I'll just tidy the plot and wait for the leaves to cover the dirt and leave it at that and still show the brocs a little love.  I could go out and buy something to cover the garden for the winter and I know they sell pricey garden mulches that are all organic and natural but why bother? Nature makes it's own additives for free and if they sit there long enough it gets organic as hell. I like free. Speaking of free, I think I may have a little volunteer cucumber growing in my back yard shrub. Maybe I'm not the meanest person ever?

Speaking of things that were not free, My Tree Arrived! Yay! It's standing there in my entry way  all ready for me to take it out and put it up! Yay! Christmas Tree! Deck my Halls! LaLaLaLa!  But in November? before even Thanksgiving? I'm not sure, I mean. Gee. You know? That just seems like I'm rushing it. I haven't touched my cards yet and I think I should prioritize getting those ready before I do the tree. I don't know, I'm going to be busy over the weekend with the gardening and the house cleaning and the laundry I never really did last weekend and I will be at the book fair a lot...

Maybe, maybe I should put the tree up.I Mean, it's the first time and it may take me a while and I may need help and my family will be around later in the week but I could try...My family is staying with me for the holiday and it would be a good bonding activity and then there is the  shopping and of course all the cleaning before hand and the cooking, I am going to be  really busy. Maybe, I should just put it up, save time later on... I don't have to to park it in front of the window or anything. I don't have to display it or anything...

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