Thursday, November 20, 2008

The operative words are books and sale

I went to the  book sale. I went with the plan that I would just make a quick (!) pass though, scope out what was there make a note of what I wanted and come back after the prices g down in a few days and pick up what I need, going with the idea if whatever it was had been sold by the time I got back, well, I didn't need it anyway. I decided with an eye towards Pushing Daisies, that I could spend about forty-five minutes wandering around  and then I would  leave without buying anything (!).

And that plan worked out real well for me. Not. The place is the size of an aircraft carrier and its covered wall to wall with row upon row of banquet tables covered with layers of books!  To get an idea of what I want I would still have to look at everything on every table and this can not be accomplished in forty-five minutes. I also wasn't going to get out of there without spending some money.

I decided that while it would be all right to buy something if I saw something that caught my eye, I could not buy something no matter how eye catching for myself. Buying gifts would be fine. I need to buy gifts and books make good gifts... Have you ever tried to buy books for other people? Everyone says they like books but which books? About what, by whom? Right now come up with the favorite author of a friend or family member, can you do it? Genre is easier but  not all murder mysteries or non-fiction social commentary are created equally. And you can't just wimp out and buy a gift card because there are no gift cards for a library sale! It's all about Carpe-ing that Tony Hillerman right now  And taking a chance on that all cabbage cook book on the off chance it might be a winner. For $4 its hard to lose. And once you made that bet,  it seems perfect? Is it too perfect? Do they have this book on their shelf  right now? It's a gamble.

Not a gamble? Dave Barry books. There were  hundreds! You couldn't get away from the damn Dave Barry books. Non-Fiction Travel section? thirty four copies of Dave Barry Goes to The Grand Canyon, eleven copies of  Dave Barry Goes To Hungary. Biography? five copies of Dave Barry Talks About Other People,  Non-Fiction Computer? fourteen copies of  Dave Barry Fixes Your PC, True Crime?  two copies of Dave Barry found Three Dead Bodies, Non-Fiction Gardening? sixteen copies of  Dave Barry Grows Tomatoes. I on purpose didn't spend a lot of time in the kids books but I'm pretty sure I saw three copies of  Dave Barry Rides a Firetruck.

Oh, Alphagal! I have two words for you: COOK BOOKS. Row upon row, table upon table of cook books. All the cook books! Really kewl,  fun-just-to-look-at cook books, five-cups-of-what? cook books.  Cook Books full of pretty pictures and interesting illustrations! Food you would never make and probably wouldn't eat, but just reading the recipes can make you feel full. All. The. Cook. Books.

And I was good. Mostly. I found two gifts and a single damn-it all-$4-hardcover for myself. Saturday and Sunday I'm going back to play for keeps.

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