Monday, November 17, 2008


I went and toured the Drug Dealers former house and I have to say they did a remarkable job. True, it does look very much like all the other renovated homes in the area that I have toured with the same  "open floor plan",  beige walls,  hardwoods and the ubiquitous cherry cabinets, metal appliance and gray granite counter tops in the kitchens. The square footage differs but the interior's are all the same.


Why is it important to make every property look exactly alike? Granite? Comes in a lot of colors besides gray or black, and cherry cabinets are nice, but they are also done. The whole scheme is the bright white kitchen of its day and like all fads will be very dated very soon. And as for those metal appliance's? fingerprints, fingerprints, fingerprints and they aren't magnetic! So not family friendly. Really, you can buy the exact same product in white, black or biscuit and it will run you at least $75 less and might make your property stand out from the herd.

But other than my pet peeves, the house is lovely.  Brand new  Pella windows throughout, two large fireplaces, big, bright bedrooms, nice, if basic bathrooms and a huge (dry) unfinished basement plus a nice backyard that gets all the sunshine I don't. I wish they had sprung for a new roof though because it still needs one and the tree in the front yard needs to go. I also would have put a railing around the front porch and put a proper entry way to balance it out plus added a carport.  I think I would have gone for black appliances and did more for the curb appeal because that's what going to sell that place that and cutting the price by about $45,000. I'm all for free enterprise but  $225,000? Not going to happen, not when other similar properties still routinely go for under a hundred grand. If they do manage to sell for that though I am totally going to turn the buyers on to some ocean front property in Arizona.

Back to me.

I discovered on Friday that The Kitty can shrink himself to the size of a button! Seriously, I went to go give him his chin acne treatment and I couldn't find him, I looked everywhere. I finally discovered him hiding in the pocket of a blazer I haven't worn since last March.  Corralling him in the morning for his pills and chin treatment is not fun, it was  all ready getting progressively harder and less fun to make him take his pills and now  since his chin exploded he just won't let me near him at all. The only time he'll still let me get close to him is right after I get out of bed in the morning and I'm really not excited about having to figure out cat pilling and chin treating when I've been awake for three minutes. I'm good when I've been awake a little longer but he's totally caught on to his usual pilling schedule. In the morning, once  he sees me putting my shoes on that his cue to disappear. I can't even lure him in with food because he's caught on to that trick. I wish he wasn't as smart or that agile, I think I liked him better when he was too fat to make himself tiny.

Okay, I've established how small he can get, Sunday morning he was both the comforter I was sleeping under and the pillow I was sleeping on. He was just vast and purring and warm. It is so hard to stay mad at him when he can be so good! I mean if he was consistently a pain in the ass it would be easier to just force treatment or even worse, not treat him at all - But he's such a sweet cat  and I love him to pieces. I kind of wish he was even smarter, a super genius cat so I could explain why he had to take those pills or how important it is to have his chin acne treated. Poor kitty both too smart and too dumb.

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