Tuesday, November 18, 2008


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Whee! New Tree!  I wasn't even really in the market, my current tree is only ten years old and  lately, it sheds more than a real tree - but I wasn't in the market. Broskey and Alphagal were in the market, they needed a tree. I didn't "need" a tree. I had a tree.  I was in the market for them, not me. I was going to be in the market, perhaps after Christmas, maybe even next year...  You know at some point in the future, most certainly not this year... at some point I was absolutely going to maybe start thinking about maybe-maybe not getting a new tree. The old one still stands up and you could say that all those needles it drops lends  it an air of veracity it might otherwise not have.

 But still,  I've been saying this for years, I'll really start looking after Christmas this year, I do need to get a new tree but before Christmas is not the time. After Christmas I'll take care of it. And then I over sleep the day after Christmas and don't make it to the mall until after 10am and all the really good marked down trees are all ready gone.

I've had real tree a few years ago that required less attention and dropped fewer needles on the carpet then my artificial tree. It's Christmas all the time round at my house because I find fake tree needles all year round. Don't get me wrong, I loved my tree. I got it at a Christmas in August sale they held at my nursing home and I scored it for $25. I got a great deal on it and for the first five or seven years or so, it was terrific and because it never locked together right, it spun a little and that kept The Kitty from flattening it over the years. 

Actually, the tree is okayish, it's the box it lives in that is really at the end of its life. I would just suck it up with the tree but the box is the real issue. Last year my big fear was that the box was going to disintegrate before I could get the tree out of the attic and down the stairs I had nightmares about it falling apart half way down the stairs and it taking me and the tree with it. I really didn't want to spend the holidays in traction because my tree box fell apart.

And yes, I know I could get a bag thing for the tree, I know about those. The problem being, my tree was not designed with a bag in mind. My tree was designed to spend the off season in a box, its box,  not a  glorified duffel bag. I think bagging it would have just made a bad situation worse, the tree would have gotten even  more stressed that it was, it would have lost even more needles and it might have developed artificial tears or gotten stand bound or whatever happens to fake trees that stay at the dance too long.

Of course because I wasn't in the market for a new tree, I  bought a collection of  fancy LED lights after Christmas last year and now that the new tree is pre-lit, I'm going to have to find another use for them. I think I might have to re-think my outdoor display with an eye towards  displaying multiple strings of lights. It's not like I'm wanting in the  out-door-decoration department, I could skip the lights all together! I have a giant snow globe, a 5 foot  light up penguin and a  tomato-brace slash  funky Christmas tree. I could probably lose the strand of  round lights around my door or at least rethink the  mini-net lights on my  railing.  But , deep sigh they're classics! You can't find really interesting  nets of lights anymore! Crayola only came out with Christmas lights for a couple of years and they had some neat designs you can't find anymore and they look really cool!  I mean its about Tradition after all! But maybe I can start a new tradition? Change is good right?

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