Friday, November 14, 2008


Has anyone else noticed that all of a sudden its light in the morning? I mean, early in the morning? I got used to driving to work in the dark but it was cool because really, what is there to see downtown at 7am any way? Oh look! It's a homeless guy sleeping on that park bench and look! there's a bag lady packing up her grocery cart! I know why its light again but it doesn't keep me from worrying that I over slept. There are also more people wandering around now than when it was  still dark on my way in. When I think about it, the people may come from the homeless shelter that I pass by, and I think they have to leave at dawn which would explain the milling masses that I never saw before because I was usually there before dawn. Yeah for the end of daylight savings.

If it gets lighter earlier that means it gets darker sooner too. It isn't bothering me this year as much as it has in years past because I don't have to come home and take Dogger for a walk before it gets dark.  It used to be that I would have to race home and change my clothes and get Dogger outside for a walk in under 10 minutes or I would have to walk home in the dark and that sucked.  I miss walking Dogger and being able to be out and about with her and just being visible was really nice and let us both keep an eye on what was going on around the neighborhood. I don't do as good a job with that now and I miss being a part neighborhood even if I was just the white girl with the dog part. I can ride my bike around but its not the same.  You really have to be on foot to keep an eye on things, you miss a lot of the detail when you just zipping by.

Today for instance, I didn't even ride my bike outside. I had to use the exerbycle instead. Tooling around campus  at lunch is all well and fine but it doesn't help me with staying visible in the neighborhood. I think that has been Doggers biggest influence on my life, the fact that everyone knew who at least my dog was and her daily walks made me a part of the neighborhood in a way that I am not now and that makes me sad. I ran in to a couple when I was leaving the precinct on election day and while I had no idea who they were, they asked after Doggers health and progress and wished her well, it was really sweet. I  guess I could drive Dogger around our  walking route but it wouldn't have the same impact for anyone. Having Dogger stick her nose out though the window just wouldn't be the same as holding court for the neighborhood kids at the park; Dogger always likes a good ride in the car but I think it would depress me. I could just see us pulling into the parking lot and announcing:

 Hey Kids! Guess who's here?! Dogger! Dogger is back! Come over to the car to pet Dogger though the window! Sure She can get out but she shouldn't walk very far. No, that's too far... No she can't go play in the field like before... No she can't fetch that stick... But otherwise she's doing really well!  Sure! We can walk around the car!  Look! She's peeing! She can still pee!, Okay we can walk to the shrub... Well, kids, see Dogger is tired now, this has been a lot of exercise for her! See you in a week after she's recovered from this! Bye!

Yeah. That depresses me.

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