Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What do you want, a cookie?

Tuesday morning I took the dog out and it was cold, not a biting cold but certainly a gnawing cold.I went to work in my huge down coat and gloves. Okay, work, work, work. I leave for lunch, I put on my huge down coat and gloves and head out the door, taking a moment before I stepped outside to prep myself for the slap in the face to come.

A caress. I was not cold. By the time I got out to my car I was warm. In December. Yesterday I went out to my car and it was cold and nasty and totally in character for December. It's just really strange. I left my coat in the car after lunch.

In the afternoon one of my co-workers looked out the window and said Is it cold out, it looks like its cold out, like it could snow... She was right. It looked cold, it wasn't but it did look really cold.

Funny story? my group is having our annual Christmas lunch on Thursday and Monday our boss sent out a notice about making phone numbers and other materials out so that the people standing in for us while we are at lunch won't be totally lost. Among her directives was that the intake people make their handsets for the phones available because the head sets might not be what our stand ins are interested in using. One of my friends came into my office and asked for help. She had looked everywhere in her office and she couldn't find her handset anywhere. She asked if I knew where her's could be because she had looked everywhere for it. I walked in to her office and glanced at the desk. Her handset was on her phone! I laughed. She ordered me to not tell anyone. I didn't tell anyone at work.

Time passed and I came home. Still warm. I made more cookies!

Larger cookies

I still have at least one more batch to make but I'm feeling a lot better about the cookie project than I was. I'm getting a little over bacon/cheese/garlic but I am out of cheese and garlic so now so the next batch is just going to be bacon . I'm thinking of making a parsley batch. I would make a  peanut butter batch and a batch of molasses but due to Doggers' Addison's she's not supposed to have extra potassium and peanut butter and molasses are both heavy with it. Sucks for Dogger, win for the other dogs that won't have to share.

It's still warm.

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