Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ace of Cookies

  •  Dog Cookies

So many dog cookies. Lots and lots of dog cookies. Hundreds probably. And many more to come. Probably not hundreds to come, but at least dozens. The first batches were smaller cookies so now I have a small mountain of small cookies

Tuesday I will make larger by comparison cookies and I'll have small hills of larger by comparison cookies and then I'll have a mid-sized, yet still towering mountain of dog cookies. And at that point I will count them and  separate them  and bag them up and my  veritable mountain of cookies will morph into manageable mole hills. And then I will take care of my Christmas cards, I could have done that job first, but  then after thoroughly over-thinking the whole thing that involved an argument with myself about the cookies sitting around, separate from their cards, which disturbed me greatly, Gawd only knows why, I don't even know why -  I could have done  the cards and mailed the cards but then I would have to make cookies and mail the cookies and wouldn't it be more  efficant if I could mail the cards with the cookies?

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