Friday, January 9, 2009


Is it too soon to go look at kittens? I feel like one of those widower who gets  married again a week after the funeral.

Post Kitten looking. I didn't see The One. There was one kitten that walked right up to me in the kitten room and said Howdy but I don't know... There was one adult that I really liked but I don't want an adult cat! I want a wee baby kitty! The adult cat's name was Daisy and looked a lot of her name sake.

When I walked in the door and said I wanted to look at kittens they made me fill out a bunch of paperwork that they would keep on file for six months. I tried to explain that there would be no kitten adopting today and I was just there to look and I was recently bereaved... When I turned my paper in the girl had an real issue that  I didn't have an issue with declawing It's amputation! If you adopt a cat from us it must keep its claws for the rest of its life! . I was like 1) Once I've paid you, just try to stop me, and 2) Screw you!

The search continues.

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