Friday, January 9, 2009

Some good news comes to Casa Saddness

The dishwasher stopped working Friday night.  I was just thrilled of course because I didn't have anything else going on and I certainly wasn't making any dirty dishes six or so times a day. I went to empty it  againso that I could fill it again and I noticed the bottom was full of water. Yea!

I pressed the buttons on the front thinking maybe it just forgot to finish the cycle or it was tired or on break or whatever machines do when they aren't working.  Nothing. I mashed all of them and not a blip not a squeak not a click. I  went to the basement to consult with my fuse-box to see if there was something it wanted to tell me. It didn't have anything to say.

The dishes piled up. It caused me a lot of anxiety. I couldn't fix my cat, I couldn't fix my dishawasher. There were a lot of things I couldn't make right.

Sunday I took action. I called for help. Much to my shock I had all my paperwork and necessary receipts to assure the 1-800 number that my dishwasher was indeed still covered under its warranty and that they should send someone to fix my dishwasher for free ASAP.

The dishwasher people defined ASAP as five days into the future, late in the afternoon. I tried to use the dyeing cat card but apparently they didn't have that card in their deck. Their deck is full of Flooded Kitchen cards. Meanwhile, days past, the cat died and the dishes piled up.

Finally, Thursday arrived. I called the repair people to see where I was on the list. Sixth they said. I said "What does that mean?", they said It means that you are the sixth stop on his schedule. I asked how will I know he's on his way? and they said He'll call you, "When we he call me?" I asked When he is finished with the fifth stop on his schedule.

My phone rang around 1pm and I headed for home. I was also worried that whatever was wrong with the machine was some how my fault and not covered by the warranty. The repair people on the phone made it sound as though nearly everything  that could go wrong with my dishwasher was my fault and almost nothing that I did to the machine was covered by the warranty. I prepared myself for a future filled with hand washing.

The guy came and shock  of shocks! It wasn't my fault! I didn't do anything to the machine! The guy who installed it plugged some things in wrong and after a while they lost connection! The repair and the visit was totally covered by the warranty! They're going to bill Amana!

Another good thing that happened today? I got Tex back! He's home again. But he's really little now, I had thought that when the time came that there would be so much of him that I could scatter him far and wide but in reality, he's going to have to be okay with being scattered close by and narrow. I'm a little disappointed, I had big plans for him, we were going to go on tour. I'm going to have to be much more circumspect about where he spends his eternity that I had thought. I mean, sure, I'm still going to carry him around in my purse and I'm thinking of getting a locket and wearing him from now on, and of course, he really liked the car so some of him needs to be there too... How much to you have to scatter to make it count as an official scattering? I thought I would have handfuls to work with but it's going to be grains! I'm going to have to rethink some things, maybe make some phone calls, cancel a band, see if I can get my deposit back on that  hot air balloon and the Blue Angels...

Dogger is being a real champ about dealing with all the chaos at the same time she is  having to come to terms with her crate being replaced by a futon. Happily, she's worked it out.

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