Friday, January 16, 2009

Regrets? I have a few

I really wish I had stood firm and made arrangements to get to DC for the inauguration. I should have just said I've done the DC trip before by myself and I'm a big girl, a forty-year-old woman for Gawds sake and I want to go! I should have stood firm. I've been to DC by myself before, four times. Sure, it was with  comparatively smaller crowds of 300,000 or less but hey, over 100,000 its just a big crowd and I know the drill.  Carpe History.

It wouldn't matter that I wasn't going to see anything but the 1,250,000 people in front of me and the 450,000 people behind me but I would be part of it!  and I could always say that I was there!. It's history and how often do you get to be a witness to history? And not sad history either, happy history. Good history, the kind of history you can look back on and be excited about. When Tiny E's kids are learning about it in history I could say Yeah. I was there! It was awesome!, I could have helped them get extra credit!  As it is I haven't figured out how I'm going to be able to watch it at all period. I'm pretty sure they aren't going to set up big screens in the "lobby" of my building. It would be really cool but it ain't gonna happen. I'm not even really sure what time it starts - I've heard a lot about 11am but I'm not sure if that's when the pre-show starts or the headliner hits the stage. If I'm going to have to take time off from work to stand around some random place to watch history happen, I don't want to spend it watching on a warm up band.

I'm going to end up witnessing history at a random fast food joint. Man, that just makes me sad. I have done some food places-with-TVs research and so I know of a decent Chinese place with two screens and a McDonald's with a number of screens and  of course I am of course going to tape it but still, its just not right! The idea of witnessing what will probably be the most significant moment in history during my lifetime at a McDonald's just kind of depresses me.

Oh, and I never asked off because I kept waiting for some event to happen for me to go to, you know, I would magically grow some plans for the day or something and I never did. I might still take a really long lunch but it's not the same thing.   I really should have bought a bus ticket when I first searched online the day after the election and found a whole bunch of buses leaving Raleigh. I should be on one but no I let myself be talked out of it and that's a regret. I should have just said Its' going to be Cold? I have ski pants! Big, scary crowds? Phht!  Long, hard day? HISTORY! and just did it, hauled off and did it. When you have a chance to wittness history? Don't have to wittness it at a McDonalds, just get on a damn bus.

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Auntie-let-me-tell-you-about-COLD said...

I'll bet you can watch it live on any of the Internet news sites.