Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hello Darkness, Now go away.

You know what I'm tired of? Darkness. I am tired of it being dark all the damn time. I get up and its dark, I got to work and its dark. I go to lunch and for an hour a day its light then I go home and its dark again. I'm tired of it being dark all the time.

Whats wrong with daylight savings? Do we run up a debt over the summer and we have to spend the winter paying it back? I'm sorry, but you and  your hemisphere have reached your limit. We only make a certain amount of light you know, don't be piggy.  If you have adequate light in February you can't have light in July!  It's a matter of setting your priorities, for instance, it's too cold to be outside in February! What would you do with the light anyway? Save it for July when you want to walk to the ice cream place at 8:30!  We believe that you need those four months of darkness! We think of it as a character building exercise. If you read the small print in your explanation of benefits you would know this.

 It's important that it be dark at mid-afternoon in the winter? It would kill us if it was light at 5:30pm? Earlier if you live further north, if you live way up north its dark at 3pm. Because if it was still light 4pm there would be wrong? True, over the summer way up north its light at 10pm all summer but still. It's not like there is a Light Bank that needs to be built up. Why can't we keep daylight savings all year?  I understand about the sun and the moon and how far away A is from B and  all of that, but it has to be federally regulated that we can't have it light in the evening? Really?

I had to take Dogger out to pee. It was dark. It's always dark. I take her out at 6am, its dark. I take her out at 6pm, it's dark. It's dark all the time.


I would have started this entry earlier but Mini Kitty pinned me to my chair and forced me to curl up under a blanket and fall asleep. I came home from work and I was starved, so I made dinner and it was still early and I said Hmm. I'll watch my little TV show and then I'll do something. Maybe I'll cure cancer and then I'll take a shower. But. No cure for cancer. I was watching my little TV show and Mini Kitty jumped up and started head butting and biscuit making and she curled up and time passed and I pulled her up and she didn't freak out like she is want to do and there she was purring and warm and cozy and then the next thing I know its an hour later and  I've got nothing done. Cancer not cured.

Mini Kitty staying with me has been a godsend. If she wasn't here I would have had to go cat cold turkey and I would be spending a lot of time in a fetal position under the table. I could  make Dogger into a Kitty - Before I had Dogger, I spent years trying to turn The Kitty into a dog!  I did a good job too! He was huge for a cat,  he walked on a leash, he acted as a guard cat and he loved riding in the car. If I could have figured out a way  I would have trained him to bark. I just don't have the energy or the time to try to teach Dogger to meow.  I need a new cat and I need to narrow down the field before Mini goes home on Sunday because I am not going to be happy catless. I may have to find Dogger a cat costume,

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