Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Monday, I over slept, Tuesday I underslept. The best way to not over sleep is to not be asleep in the first place. There's nothing I find more fun than watching 3: 35 AM turn into 4:18 AM. I have to check the time when I wake up at odd times because it could very well be 6:39 AM and we wouldn't want that to happen again.

Later on Tuesday, was my biannual review at work. Yay! I enjoy them so much. The only thing I liked about evil boss was that she didn't like conducting them anymore than I enjoyed attending them. Her version of the meeting was to leave the printed report on my chair with a note to sign it and return it to her box. Bloodless and stress-less.

The new boss likes conducting them! She gets to print things out! And run lots of statistics!  And actually review my work! Imagine, at a performance review! But, on the downside, she reviews my work, statistically! My boss loves statistics and my work is very easy to tie to statistics - How often, how many, and how much. It makes me feel like a machine, and a not expessially efficient machine at that but a machine that is polite, shows up when it is supposed to and orders office supplies in a timely manor. Go me. Beep.

The good news is that statistically, I'm a good  little machine and she's happy with my performance.

Going back to Monday. Despite my late start, not too late though because I had my clock set ahead in a mind towards having to feed The Kitty in the morning, and I never re-set it. Anyway. Monday I went shopping for Pet Insurance. I had looked last week but I decided to get serious about it. If I had insurance for The Kitty, I could have saved him because insurance would have paid for an ultra-sound and the G-Tube the vet wanted and any other needed treatments that could have saved him.

Sob! I decided that I would never have another pet that wasn't insured. If I had insurance for Dogger I could have gotten her surgery straight off last summer and she would be all back to normal by now. Insurance would have also covered last years' Addison's crises and the hemorrhagic gastroenteritis that she suffered the year before that. Dogger is also six this year and for a large dog that can put her into the elderly category and elderly dogs are dogs that get sick; For  $30 a month  she can get sick and get well. Insurance won't cover her existing conditions but I'm all ready covering them. Now, if her other knee goes (God Forbid!) I can get it fixed.

Monday was a good day for Dogger. She got insurance and a bath! It was very exciting. Dogger also showed me how she gets things off the top of the dinning room table, something she's really very good at it - All this time I thought she was using her nose to push things off the edge - No! What's she's really doing is to put her feet up on the edge of the table and then going shopping! She just stands there and surveys her choices and the goes for it. I shouldn't be surprised after seeing her standing on the breakfast table eating The Kitty's food.

The kitchen table looks so sad without The Kitty's dishes there. I walk in the kitchen first thing in the morning, turn on the light and see the dishes not there. It's kind of  like a slap in the face every morning, I've been trying to stack papers there to fill the space but I'm not fooling myself with that though, I just end up annoyed because the paper is where the dishes are supposed to be. It's very frustrating.

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