Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Staying Busy is the best defence.

Tex passed a week ago. I spent the weekend on fast forward. I went to Gov. Perdues' Inauguration and parade  downtown Saturday morning. I should have gone earlier than I did but I didn't think I would get anywhere to sit so why bother going early and standing around? So I went late and sat... Behind a tree. She who went early had an unobstructed view. Oh well.

Then I went kitty hunting. I went to another shelter that did not make me feel like Michelle Vick because I am not ambivalent about declawing, mostly because they did ask and I didn't tell. Shelter "B" actually let me look at the animals without giving them my mothers maiden name! but if I had opted to touch an animal I would have had to gown up first, which was a little weird. The first place made me fill out more paperwork than I did the last time I gave blood, but they didn't care about germs - I think I could tell the people at Shelter "A" that I was adopting a cat in order to feed to a snake and they would be okay as long as I agreed to not get the cat declawed first. The Shelter "B" volunteers were much nicer and if they had had any adoptable kittens I might have gone home with one. Sadly for me but good for them, there were no available kittens on Saturday.

My kitty hunt continues.

Then I went to Target and finally found vacuum bags among other things and then I went home and did laundry and made dog cookies. Then I watched most of Square Pegs. I was so tired by the end of the day I couldn't stay awake to watch Saturday Night Live and I ended up sleeping in my clothes. Mission Accomplished.

Sunday, after Church, I folded up and put away all the laundry I had to do while Kitty was dying. He didn't get around much but what he managed to achieve needed to be laundered. I had been leaving it on top of the dryer and then I moved it upstairs to the guest bed and that was fine, but the bed was getting completely covered and it was beginning to depress me (more) so I folded it up and put it away. Later Sunday I made the worlds worst lasagna. I mean, really, really bad. Damp cardboard flavored with sawdust bad.  Next time I follow the recipe to the letter and not try to alter it to suit me. It's a good thing I happen to like saw dust or it would have been a complete waste.

Monday my parents decided to let the worlds tiniest grief counselor stay with me a few more days. Mini-Kitty has always hated me, but in fact, she hated The Kitty and not me. Mini has been nothing but the sweetest little thing since after Tex died. She head butts, she makes biscuits she purrs. She even lets me pet her! Every time I sit down to watch TV she materializes and jumps into my lap. I'm going to miss her when she goes home this weekend. Do you think I can teach Dogger to purr and make biscuits?

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