Monday, January 26, 2009


There is no page in the baby book for Baby's second visit to the doctors office.  At the first vet appointment she pointed out that about 95 percent of animals from shelters have  some sort of upper-respiratory issues. Wow!I thought. It rawks to be part of the five percent! Tiny is so awesome.

Yeah. Well. Tiny is awesome he just doesn't rawk 5 percent style and you know what the vet gave me? Another syringe. Just what I wanted. True, it is a tiny syringe. Now I get to have syringe feeding PTSD twice a day for the next ten days. I also have some eye cream to  deposit in both eyes three times a day plus some nummy nutrient jell to feed him twice a day! It's so much fun I can't stand it. Fortunately, he seems to have no short term memory whatsoever. Three times a day I;m like Hey! Guess what! Nummy antibiotic! Yay! Eye goop! Wheee! Gel-food! and he's all Mow?


I also go other things done. I finally put the tree away -  Hey. don't judge me, it's a pre-lit tree! You can't just put them away! ... Okay. You can. You put it in its bag, which by the way could house a family of four in a pinch. I didn't know! I was pretty much going to leave it in the corner of the room and pretend it was a ficus.  A really full ficus.

It had to go though. Ficus' are out of season.

I went with Broskey and Alphagal to a neato resale/collectible/antique store out in the sticks to go look at dressers. They bought two and I bought this

Once upon a time it was a chair. Times change and the world needs one less chair so somebody somewhere along the line turned it into a stool.  I think ultimately, I'm going to try to find an chair or rocker that needs a new-old seat. I think a small rocker would be nice in that corner. At present it looks like this
I think it would be also a good time to do "something" with that chair. I rescued it from the trash with the idea that I was going to tart it up somehow.  Instead of a rocker or a new chair, I could stain the chair to match or maybe go the other way and paint it gold or  turn it into Josephs' chair of many colors or a mosaic chair... I have some ideas

As for Tiny. After two days of being treated he isn't sneezing  as much as he  was but he sounds like he has a bunch of flem happening.  Ick. Right now, sans ick,  he's perched  himself on my shoulder like a furry parrot. Tex has been gone 20 days.

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