Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Everyone old is young again

The lady I sat next to at Mass on Sunday turned to me moments after I sat down and asked me if I was a student. I assured her I was not. She said something about all the State students around and I nodded sagely in agreement.  I am not entirely sure I have ever looked at any of the younger people around me and said to myself Yup. State student. I've never been very good at guessing ages, even when I was a student I wasn't good at picking my kind out. I blame this on the fact that  everyone I knew looked like twelve year olds, the handful of people I did know who did not look twelve were twelve. At 21 I looked about 14 while the guys I was "doing the favor" for could have passed for twice that.

Her question made me giggle because my big plan for the rest of Sunday was to wash that gray right out of my hair. I couldn't believe that she was sitting nine inches away from me couldn't see them glowing. I felt like Cruella De ville. Back in college I also had white hair - Two. I had two white hairs. I feel bad for college kids today if a forty year old woman can be mistaken for one of them. We passed for twelve, they pass for forty.

If the lady thought I was a college kid pre-dye job she would ask me what grade I'm in now.

Tiny is having a great time. He's feeling much better and he's gotten bigger and stronger now and he's just everywhere. He's running around and jumping up and around and he's getting into stuff. Fortunately, his brain has not grown with him and he's still sill enough to think that if he makes himself small that it means he is also invisible. Tex was much smarter, even as a tiny kitty he had a huge brain and that made him challenging. So far, Tiny has a Dogger sized brain : small and manageable and not capable of advanced thought or planning.

Tiny has developed some short term memory and he's starting to be less surprised by his anti-biotics, he hasn't learned to avoid me first thing in the morning like Tex did, but he's starting to wise up a little and he's a little less cuddly-wuddly, lovey-dovey when I brandish the syringe in his face. This morning, day nine of his ten day  course of antibiotics he almost gave me a dirty look but it came out a dirty-wirty little baby kitty look, he can't win.  I'm going to keep dosing him until I run out of med though, even if we go past the ten days and I think we will, I think that would be the best idea and what I've always done with my own antibiotics. it's also easier to work with pills, liquids are harder to manage precisely, even with a syringe.

I think as long as he gets all the med it doesn't really matter if he gets it in ten days or twelve days anyway. I hope.

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