Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend non-Warrior.

I want ya'll to be proud of me. In my effort to be less judgemental,  I had two chances  to kill people  to read the riot act  on Saturday and I didn't take advantage of either opportunity. I think I deserve a cookie. The first instance was at Wallworld. Yes, I know Wallyworld is evol, I am aware. The very first time I can afford to shop elsewhere, I will surely do it. I went late in the afternoon on Saturday, along with everyone else in the greater Southeast Raleigh-Knightdale metropolitan area

The Steelers have just won the Super Bowl. I hate the Steelers. I always want the Cowboys to kick their asses. Stupid Cowboys for punking out.

Back to Wallyworld. I found my stuff and went shopping for the really important item - A short line. Sadly, like doggy toothpaste, Wallyworld was out of short lines. I would have had a better chance to finding a truffle under my desk, so I found a line that  had magazines I wanted to read. And then I read all the magazines. Did you know that every woman in Hollywood is either pregnant, planning on being pregnant or lying about being pregnant.

About 35 minutes after I got in the line I realized I didn't have everything on my list. I thought about laying down on the floor and kicking and screaming but I was afraid I would not being to get off the floor once down there. You are too old to throw a tantrum when you start to worry about the condition of the floor and whether or not you will be adhered to it when you finish your tantrum. I stayed upright and in the line.

An hour after I got in that line, I was finally waited on. If Dogger wasn't in the car waiting for me I would have gone upstairs and if I found a manager I would have throttled him. I had a whole spiele planned while I waited in line.

Are you sitting down? WHY? I waited in line for an HOUR and you are sitting down? I work for Customer Service  Partners and there is going to be a meeting tomorrow morning and you are going to have a really good explanation for this. You should have been on the floor getting some of those lines down. No one should wait for an hour! I want to see your staffing schedule and an explanation for why you have so many stations that are not working because this is outrageous. This is why you have such a problem with shrinkage, and why your profit margin isn't where is should be. I understand you just fired some staff due to theft, why haven't these staff been replaced? You need to get someone to go through you applications and you need to hire the first fifteen that want to be  cashiers. I am not kidding.  I really have to go now before I say something I shouldn't, but I have never had a auditing visit in a store where I have been left questioning the quality of the management to this extent. You'll read a copy of my report at the meeting tomorrow and so will your general manager. Right now? Your job is in danger.  My suggestion is you take the chairs out of this office and never be caught sitting down again.

But I didn't. I went out to my car and apologized to Dogger and went home. And then I got home and saw a strange dog in the house-next-door's yard. I had Dogger and the strange dog made me nervous. Dogger has an undiagnosed case of Periodic Explosive Disorder and she was really curious about this dog.  It's really better for everyone involved when she ignores other dogs.

I can hear the dog's people shouting to it from their porch. Yeah, that'll do it. I put Dogger in the house and went after the other dog. And went after the dog and went after the dog. It wouldn't let me near it and it's people were still hollering at it from their porch. I hate them. I'm wandering around in the cold and dark after their unsocialized dog and they are hanging out on their porch.  Finally, they moter down the street where I have the dog somewhat corralled away from the busy street. I walk away and hoped they get their dog in the car.

My speech to them, had I been able to  get a leash on the dog and hauled back to the folks on the porch would have been.

Are you under house arrest! Get off your damn porch and go after your dog! I saw two cars almost hit this animal while you were conversing with it. Are you idiots? Do not let this animal get away again because I know this is the second time I've seen it out and not seen you running after it and the next time I see this dog out, I'm calling animal control and turn you in for keeping it chained 24-7 in your yard and let them deal with you!

I kept my yap shut and Sunday afternoon I ran into one of them and she called me "Friend" and thanked me for looking after her dog last night.


Eduth said...

Just think of it this way--some people have to wait until they get to heaven to get their reward!

Diana said...

I really wanted to kill someone at Wal-Mart though. I mean, I really, really wanted to kill someone. The first clip on tie that came in my line of sight was going to die - after he waited on thr 20 or so people waiting in line for an hour, but right after that, I was going to kill him.