Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I think my baby broccs are dead. It turns out I just to do not  have enough  true gardening passion to be a winter gardener, it is with great shame that I admit to myself that I am a fair weather gardener! I just can not work up the desire to spend the time a garden needs to have spent on it if I to spend it being cold. Do you know that garden gloves are not the same as regular gloves? Really, they do not keep your hands warm at all, they are made, I learned after reading the literature,  to keep your hands warm they are made to keep your hands clean. You can be clean or you can be warm you can not be clean and warm. Well, you can, but not if you shop at Poverty Barn. If having warm hands is a priority for you; you should not be a winter gardener. Selfish cow.

... Not that I ever did  any obviously. Which pisses me off because I worked hard for these plants while it was warmer and then later I went out in the not warm to cover them and uncover them. I babied them along after all my other plants had stopped producing or had been pulled out. I bought broccoli on purpose so I would spend the winter in the garden! I enjoyed gardening over the summer and  really thought that I would keep on enjoying it over the winter, but I didn't. Fair Weather Gardener!! For better or worse, I am all ready pouring over seed catalogs and lusting after exotic tomatoes and peppers. No eggplants this year, I am not harboring any eggplant lust.

I still feel bad. I got really excited about some budding baby broccs and now I’m not going to get to see them grow up. They had to work really hard to get as far as they did and now they aren’t going to get any further. I’m not going to pull them out quite yet, I’m hoping maybe they’ll seed themselves or something and I can grow them when its more convenient FAIR WEATHER GARDENER . We eat broccoli over the summer, where does it come from? Is all that summer broccoli old broccoli? Or to get summer broccoli maybe you have to live in Maine.


Speaking of gardening. I planted the broccs in the experimental  section of the garden strip and after studying the broccs , I’m not sure that area gets enough sunlight, which would suck for tomatoes but might possibly work for the peppers which got burned by the sun where they were last season... I’m mulling over not planting squash because they didn’t pan out last year and I don’t eat squash and I don’t know how much squash people who do eat squash actually eat... Less room for squash means more room for more tomatoes! Yay!!! I’m also thinking of putting my cukes in the baby pool and utilizing braces for them to grow on... I’m also toying with taking a tomato plant and maybe green beans, if I can find some, over to Alphagal and Broskeys’ and maybe playing farmer with Tiny E this summer. Jealous sigh... They have the most fabulous fence for vining

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Did you see the article on p. 2 of the "Life, etc." section of today's N&O?

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