Thursday, February 12, 2009

Summer Lovin'

I checked our weather here yesterday and was shocked to see that we were under a Fire Weather Watch. We were experiencing strong, dry winds and the humidity was very low. Its like seeing Partlly cloudy with a chance of afternoon fire storms. This must be what it is like to live in Southern California.

Razzle Dazzle Hybrid’, a unique deep raspberry slicer with exceptional texture and flavor, ‘Tangerine Mama Hybrid’, the new bright orange counterpart to ‘Golden Mama Hybrid’, the first yellow paste tomato to keep its bright hue when cooked, ‘Italian Ice Hybrid’, the sweet and extra mild cherry tomato, ‘HoneyBunch’, the honey-sweet miniature currant tomato.

Mmmmm. Pink tomatoes, orange tomatoes, yellow tomatoes white tomatoes. Big tomatoes, little tomatoes, wee baby to tomatoes, I’m not just going to have a garden I’m going to have a bouquete!
And that’s not all

Great Stuff, Bananarama, Golden Giant, Red Delicious, Gypsy, and The Godfather. Highly productive peppers for every occasion - salads, grilling, stuffing, frying. Burpee's favorite peppers in one collection.

Green and yellow and orange! Fat and skinny and big and little! And even more cool? They aren’t even going to arrive until it is time to plant in my zone! The very sexy Zone 7, which means they will arrive around the middle of April. I’m hoping for a better yield this year but I am also starting off with what I beilve are better quality plants, Wal-Mart while cheap is just not the best source for variety or quality, I should have known that. Burpee is pricier but they don’t also sell tires or DVD players. They sell White Tomatoes! I’m going from two red varieties of tomatoes to six varieties and from a single variety to five different peppers. That’s a lot. Probably more than I have room for but that is why gawd invented kiddie pools. I am also forgoing eggplants, cucumbers and squash this year. They all took up too much ground and didn’t produce as much as I had hoped. I’m thinking that the tomatoes will take over the cucumbers old stomping grounds as well as the patch that did belong to the eggplants.

And of course, new year new dirt.

The peppers are going to be a the satilight garden on the front porch where I hope the light will be more conductive to pepper happiness then the brighter, hotter light the back yard garden gets for longer. The front gets really nice sun in the early part of the day and a defuse light for the rest of the day. The tomatoes liked the back yard but the sun burned my peppers. I’m also hoping to have more space for them in the baby pool which should tell you how small and narrow the backyard garden is.

This year I am also going to start off with baby plants in cages instead of trying to inflict them on grown plants too late. This year I want to Just Say No to cutting off my plants heads. Doing it the other way was just a bad, bad thing. And stupid. Very, very, stupid.

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