Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Hello! Well, where did the time go? Oh I know, It got wasted showing up to a mass precinct meeting and learning that my precinct chair had decided that our precinct was going to have its own meeting on a different date.  I would have loved a call about that, I assumed he had called, as there was voice mail on my phone I hadn't checked. I checked. He didn't call.  Love. Him.

Our precinct is very shy,  if there is a mass meeting of all the surrounding precincts and they all show up or at least, they somewhat show up, my little precinct gets stage fright and hides under the bed. It makes sense to schedule a meeting of our own, our precinct can't make quorum  at the mass meeting things- But, if we have a little meeting of our own, at our own rec center, with just us, we have ten or so show up and we can get quorum and have elections and  get business accomplished. Still,  I WOULD HAVE LIKED A PHONE CALL DANNY.


In honor of Fat Tuesday, on my way back from the meeting, I stopped at the store and picked up some frozen pie slices so I could get my Mardi Gras on because as you are reading this, it's Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent and a day of fast and abstinance and there is officially no more frozen pie slices or meat on Fridays and there will be no  more breakfasting on Little Debbie's and  more lunchtime bike rides even if it is "too cold" and the start of the evening bike ride routine. It is a time  of sucking it up.

 My new mantra is Suck it Up so I will not have to Suck it In.

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