Thursday, February 26, 2009


I’m trying to do something I haven’t done in a while. I am downloading music, legally, thankyouverymuch. I’m just not all that musical and I’m not interested in the scene. When I listen to the radio there is a pretty good chance I’m listening to Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me. The only place I hear new music is on Apple ads .

Right now I am trying to download a song from Mama Mia . Yes, I am old, how did you guess? “Trying” is the operative word. I’ve been trying for the better part of the evening to download one song! And I can hear you blaming my dial up. Stop it. It’s not the dial up, I’ve downloaded many things from Itunes with my little dial up and it hasn’t taken this long. I think it may be my shuffle. I think , I know that the battery is weak and that might be what’s standing in my way. It turns out that if you don’t use the little beasty for a while the battery runs down even if I keep my plugged in on its little house thing at the ready.

Its not ready. It’s been steadily downloading and all of a sudden it stops and I have to restart it, which would be fine but its happened over and over again and again. Well, after a little investigation, it times out apparently. I should have checked my speed before I got a wild hair and decided I wanted to own the song. It’s timing out because my pick up was too slow. Whatever.

Bugger it. Deep Breaths

Have I mentioned how absolutely adorable Tiny is? He is very, very adorable, he gets more adorable everyday. I just want to eat him up. And I think he’s even smarter than Tex.

Sacrilege you say? Tex as the worlds smartest cat; A true evil super genius of the cat world - True, Tex was very smart but Tex never learned to sleep on the vents. Tiny has all ready learned that the vents are where the precious, precious hot air comes from. Tiny figured this out but fast this and has learned where all the floor vents are, he’s also learned how to position himself to best exploit the vents up higher on the walls too. Tex never even thought about the vents and Tiny is all over them.

Tiny also has learned that not only is Dogger fun to play with and possess many fun toys such as her ears, tail and whiskers, Dogger is a great conductor of heat and she and her bed are very warm and soft. Tex loved a good soft bed but he never fully embraced Doggers bed with Dogger in it. Sadly, he did not live long enough to exploit the futon downstairs. He liked the futon and he used it all the time when it lived upstairs when it served as his bed but he never got to use it after it moved downstairs and morphed into a dog bed. My poor baby kitty! Sob! I stole his bed and gave it to the hated dog and then my kitty died! Sob!

Deep Breaths

Speaking of baby kitties. The Wake County shelter hasn’t sent me my letter with information about getting Tiny fixed. They told me two weeks ago when I dutifully called and asked to have him put on the list that they would send me a letter in a week with the schedule and information on getting him snipped. I think they don’t want to give me my $100 back! That was part of the deal, I pay them twice the going rate for a cat and act as a foster parent for the then really tiny Tiny and then, when he got bigger, I would bring him back for his surgery and they would give me back  half of what I paid them. Tiny is ready for his surgery and I am ready to get my money returned.

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