Friday, February 27, 2009

Yay Friday!

My new goal is to live every week like I'm going out of town for the weekend. I get so much more done. This week for example I am staying in town and I have gotten approximately nothing done. I have accomplished nada. I haven't done laundry or washed the dog or got any of my shite together while last week when I was going out of town, I had an entire weekends worth of chores done by Wednesday.

So I started thinking, I should always do this!, I could get all the stuff that eats my weekends up done over the work week! Maybe it would take like five nights to get everything done but it would open my weekend to stuff I actually want to do! Think about it, a whole weekend to just do stuff you want to do! No laundry, no yard chores, no dog washing no work!

When I go away for the weekend over the summer I do even more,  I mow and edge and throw away and do all the stuff I sweat over the weekend and then when I come back, I have nothing to do, I spend Sunday afternoon recovering and watching TV. It's great.

Sadly, when I'm not going away I do nothing over the work week and then have to spend my weekends working like a puppy and this my friends, sucks! I don't want to work over the weekend, I want to watch TV and go shopping and sleep! I can't properly sleep and watch TV all weekend if I am chained to my lawn mower or tied to my washing machine!

 But, let say I change my whole schedules and I decide to work covering these chores during the week, I fail to take into account that I'm all ready working like a puppy during the work week. True, freeing up my weekend would be groovy in theory but maybe I like it better if can I go home and like, pretty much do nothing but feed the animals, make dinner and run the odd errand and get ready for work in the morning, you know, take it easy. I'm going to have to think about  the initiative in more detail.

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