Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Medium

I'm not doing very well with my Lenten "Suck It Up So I don't have to Suck It In I'm-Going-To-Ride-My-Bike-Everyday-Twice-A-Day pledge. In my defense though, I failed to take into account temperatures that started at alarming and then hovered around offensive and I totally discounted the probability of snow.

Even worse?  I've eaten fast food! . Horrors, I know, but it's not my fault! It's too damn cold to sit in my car. One day,  I went to Subway where I don't feel that bad about eating. I went there because I had been freezing all day in my office and the idea of sitting in the cold car left me cold.  I walked in the store and it was freezing! I mean really!  It sucked. I got my cold sandwich and my cold drink and tried to read my book in the cold. I left as soon as I could and went and parked my car in the sun and it was the warmest I was all day.

To make up for me being such a slug, I've started to cautiously walk Dogger after work. I think its important for her to get her strength back and try to start working on regaining muscle tone, its  real challenge to do this without going overboard and risking re-injury. She of course just wants to go, go go! and I'm not sure how much of a grasp of therapeutic exercise verses harmful running around she has. She's all about If It Feels Good, Do It!! Yesterday for example, I think we over did it with a longer than called for walk because it was the first pretty day we've had and she's been getting stir crazy and making me crazy too.

We walked to the rec center and did a tour of the grounds and then walked back to the house. It was a long walk for us. I should have been a little more forceful about demanding that we not wander around the grounds as much as we did - but she was doing well and was so happy it was hard to get all  buzz kill on her and make her go home.

I'm afraid of putting too much stress on her knee. Its hard because its not like she can tell me that she's feeling a little stiff or she's hurting. I watch her though and she's not limping or guarding and she's putting more weight on that foot but still not as much as I would like her too. She's uses all four feet but I think she doesn't put enough weight on the bad knee. I want her to be careful but I don't want her to get out of the habit of utilizing that leg. I just don't want to put too much stress her but while at the same time, she needs the rehab. There must be a happy medium there somewhere, I mean its been since July...

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