Friday, March 20, 2009


I'm expecting my tax refund today. The feds will probably pay up but I may have to put a lean on the state. In years past I've used my refund for a new computer and another year I used to it pay for a doggy health emergency.  I know people with big plans for their refunds, home improvements, paying down bills. I am dreaming of something smaller and cheaper.

Usually, I think big, for instance it's getting clearer every year that I need a new shed but since it still standing I'm going to wait until next year. I've also been thinking about lap tops, but this year I'm not feeling secure enough to spend a big wad.  I'm going for Tomato Cages! The sad thing is, I'm really excited about this. I can not wait to go and pick them up!

I'm not talking about three or four, I've got three or four. I'm looking at nine or ten! I'm dreaming of a fully caged garden. After last years fiasco, I'm caging everything from the get-go. As gawd is my witness : I'll never chop my plants heads off again! . Its better for the plants and it keeps things tidier. Last year my tomatoes climbed my fence but it made them leggy and they didn't produce the way I think they should have.
I know, I know, I could make my own. I thought about that. I even found a really good web site that gave illustrated, step by step instructions. Which is great, if I had any intention of making them myself. I do not see myself cutting hog fencing and then affixing it together again. I;m just not into metal work or blood loss and it all looks so time consuming  and  potentially bloody. There is a very good reason they invented Wal-Mart and it was not to exploit the masses and program them to have low expectations and to blindly support political ideologies that are harmful to them. It was to supply the masses with low priced, mid range quality garden supplies.

I've been to visit "my" cages a couple of times and they are gorgeous and I can tell that they are going to do such a good job and seem to be really well made.  They also seem to have them in great quantities so I'm not really concerned about them selling out before I have a chance to get mine. The Wal-Mart ones are also lot nicer than the sad version they sell at Poverty Barn, I think those are made of coat hangers.

I'm a little concerned about all the "Recession Gardens" stories that I've been reading and I saw another one that reported that the White House is putting in a garden as well! No one is allowed to plant anything until I get my cages  damn it!

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