Thursday, March 19, 2009


In penance for a burger n' fries lunch  and in celebration of the gorgeous late afternoon, I took Dogger for a walk. It turned into a longer than therapeutic walk for Dogger but I'm going with that she needed it.  She really did need a good walk as she has been driving me crazy around the house because she's had serious cabin fever issues. We were going for a long walk today rain or shine damn-the-consequences because if I had to spend another evening with her bouncing off Tiny and turning my bills into chew toys she was going to transition to a new position as yard dawg.

We were walking, walk, walk, walk or really walk, sniff,  pee, walk, sniff, pee and I looked up and  saw another white girl walking a big red dog! OMG! She came right over, probably thinking that she was the neighborhood white girl who walks the big red dog. I had to disabuse her of this, there can only be one and I am it. She is a white girl with red dog.

I was a little nervous before Dogger met her dog because I never know if Dogger is going to be her sweet self or if she's going to embarrass us both, but she was fine and the other dog was great.  I have met two Bloodhounds and neither had jobs. I thought they were all McGruff The Crime Dog but it seems that some of of them are just McGruff The Pet Dog. It's been explained to me that while these unemployable hounds still have a much, much better sense of smell than an average dog they aren't quite up to Search and Rescue. The dog I met today isn't going to find any missing babies but will leave no couch cushion unturned  while searching for a lost McNugget.

On our way home, I ran across my Precinct Chair. I was happy to shame him about missing the mass precinct meeting and he told me about his desire to have a precinct meeting for just our precinct Saturday morning.  I told him okay, but my Saturday is all ready crowded. I have to get dirt, I want to go to the parade, my Mom is in town and there will be girl bonding opportunities  with her and Alphagal and her Mom and Tiny E. As much as I hate the prospect of an 8am Saturday meeting, it may be the only time I can make it. I'm also curious to see if we get a better turn out Saturday morning at 8am then we get  at 7pm on a Tuesday.

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