Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am old.It's one thing to know that in theory but it sucks in practice. I don't mind being older right up until I get smacked in the face with it: YOU ARE  FORTY!  its one thing to be forty, I mean everyone I know is forty or about to be. My Face Book friends can't go a week without at least one of them having their fortieth birthday announced so I'm not freaking out about it, too late for that anyway but it is quite another to feel forty.  On your average day I don't feel that old but DAMN I'm old.

I have been sore for the last two days because I went on a tour of houses! and now I'm sore. I would understand if I walked fifteen miles or ran a 5k or rode my bike four hours, none of those of course things I would ever do, but if I did do those things I would fully expect to be in pain. I walked for a total of about three miles and I want an epidural. How sad is that? Go on a leisurely stroll on a lovely day , walk with no hills, no uneven surfaces, nothing even vaguely trying or sore-making and yet I am sore.

I am so old. I really need to get back on the bike so that I don't freeze into place -  but I don't think the bike is going to have much affect on the sore feet and knees. I think Doggers bad knees were some how contagious because  my knees feel like something bad happened. I am totally feeling her pain now. It's not so bad on soft surfaces but it sucks hard on concrete or whatever they made the floor of at work. Ouch.

I also think it may be time for new shoes because the old ones are not doing the trick anymore and I would guess don't offer the support that my aging joints need. Darn it. I hate shopping for shoes, I all ready knew that I was going to need new sandles for this summer but I might also need new walking shoes too. Man, this being old is expensive. I think as long as I am spending money, I'll go look at  cardigans and house coats while I'm out, maybe I'll get one of those little wheeled carts

I'm not so old or in pain that I wasn't able to go out and find my broccoli plants, so yay me. Since I went neo-Gardener with the designer plants - one of which has all ready died, RIP "tangerine mama",  I decided to go old school and plant my green-bean seeds as an experiment.

In honor of Earth Day, the finished garden!

Oh. Happy "Administrative Professionals Day" to my fellow secretaries and office drones.

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