Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baby Steps

2000 mg Amoxicillin (antibiotic), 400 mg Etodolac (for pain), 100 mg Tramadol ( for pain). 7 pills a day, not counting her existing Addison's pills, so really 9 pills a day.  Again. Substitute Cephalexin and you have what she came home with initially and what I thought we were finished with. Dogger pills okay but nobody wants to swallow that many pills and three of them are huge. Lets hope they do what they are supposed to.

 It's almost as though the last almost three weeks didn't happen. Except almost three weeks ago she was kind of weight baring on that back leg and now she isn't. Sigh. I wish I had a reset button. Sadly, there is no such button and the last almost three weeks did happen and she has lost a lot of ground. Lost the ability to bare weight on that side, lost muscle tone and weight she didn't need to shed.

This back sliding had started to happen  before this weekend when Doggers leg started to feel a little warm and by Monday she couldn't sit or lay down on her own. She was standing up when I came in first thing in the morning and I thought that was a good sign. Yay! Look at her standing up on purpose! She was still standing when I came home at lunch and when I came home after work as well. This is not a good sign.

It took  me until 6pm to get her to lay down and then it wasn't as much her being able to do it as it was me figuring out how to physically shift her into a laying down position without hurting either of us. This was not fun but it was worth it because Dogger was able to sleep for the first time in 24 hours. I fell asleep too. Baby kitty spent two hours bouncing off us. Neither of us was up to caring.

I called the vet first thing AM and took her in over my lunch hour. Here's to hoping I don't mess it up this time.

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