Thursday, April 16, 2009

Better than ...

Dogger is doing better. Not great, not even particularly good but she's doing better. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say Monday she was at 1 and now she's at 3 1/2 . Not great but better. She has achieved laying down unaided but when she walks it is  like a very old person with severe arthritis and sore feet. It's not pretty. A very old person with severe arthritis and sore feet wearing an E-Collar- An E-Collar she thought she had seen the last of. I think along with her anti-inflammatories she could also use an antidepressant.

The one thing that has not changed since March 22 is that Dogger is still  weird. Wednesday she decided out of nowhere  that she does not like her water bowl anymore, she thinks its scary and she won't drink out of it and she's not interested in drinking out of anything else that might be posing as a water bowl either. She will drink water but only if it has kibble floating in it and while she will eat that kibble she will refuse it after it has gotten too wet and after the kibble has gotten too wet she won't drink the water it's floating in either. She will eat her kibble if it is dry.

I attribute this to it taking longer for her to eat, under normal circumstances she sucks down her food before it gets a chance to get too soggy, she doesn't like it when it changes texture. I don't know why all of a sudden she's eating more slowly. I don't understand. Oh, and? She won't eat her food at all if it is raised off the ground, now its "bad" and she can't eat it. Her food has always been raised off the floor but all of a sudden she won't eat it if its off the floor. I think the infection went to her brain.

Shockingly, Tiny is still around. He is a furry spot of joy in my day. He's happy, he's healthy and best of all his surgical incision healed properly. He's bouncy and joyful and loving and still wants to play all the time, he was bouncy and joyful and loving and wanted to play all the time when he was eight hours out off the table. He is walking sunshine.

I am neglecting my little sunshine terribly now and I feel really bad.  I want to spend more time with him but every minute I'm paying attention to him is a minute I'm not spending with Dogger and she needs me so much right now that I can't leave her. Tiny should be hating me, I would feel better if he was hating me. The Kitty would certainly be hating  me and letting me know how bad a person I was being and I would deserve it but Tiny just keeps puttering around exploring and discovering and being so happy about everything he finds along the way. He makes me so happy.

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