Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I was puttering around the house, watching Divine Design and wishing I had a pile of money to drop on Candace Olsen so she could wave her hands over my house and make it divine. I think once she got over her initial horror that she would really be able to make  something out of it,  ideally, she would do the whole place, in reality she seems to limit herself to one room but since she did a dining room that looked to have the same square footage as my entire downstairs, I think she could muddle through.

Now, as long as I am dreaming, if Candace Olsen is doing her thing inside, then Curb Appeal could do their thing outside at the same time. I don't know if HGTV does cross-overs but I think it would be good test case for them. I also think that CA could also take care of my backyard as long as they were here anyway.  Talk about a HGTV Dream House!

While I was thinking about everything an unlimited budget could get me, the phone rang.

Insert cliche sound of record needle scratching across surface

It was a Detective from Wilmington and after he assured me that everyone I know was all right and that I wasn't about to be arrested, he asked if I knew how my North Carolina drivers licence number got on a South Carolina drivers licence, so  I told him and I was able to come across with my report numbers and names of the Detectives in Raleigh and Cary that I haven't heard from in a year.

 I hadn't thought about her in a while, well, actually, I think about her every-time I look around and see a restaurant full of potential purse thieves, and every-time  I get lost because she stole my GPS, and every-time I can't write a check at the grocery. Come to think about it, I think about her a lot. The good news is I no longer think about arranging for her child  to be grabbed up by CPS and put into the system because she used he/she as a prop while she stole from stores using my identity, and I also no longer imagine jailing all her relatives because they potentially accepted stolen goods from her and of course I wanted  for her to be  in stir for forever - After I had a chance to publicly shame and humiliate her.

Insert cliched  thrown gang sign  I play for keeps. Yo.

But the truth is, I don't hate her anymore. I hope she has moved past that ugly, desperate time of her life and is happier, healthier and in a better place financially and spiritually and is supporting herself and her child doing something that she can be proud of. Something where she doesn't have to hurt other people. I hope she is okay.

He explained that she or whomever she either sold my info was still using it!  THAT BITCH!!!!AHHHHHH!!!! KILL!! MAIM!!! DESTROY!!! CALL CPS!! AHHHHHHHH!!!  The "good" news is they have moved past stealing purses and "people" all together and are now stealing checks from mail boxes and are concentrating on picking on business. Using my drivers licence number. They got one guy's business for $1600 and he didn't discover it until her was doing his taxes and going through checks and found one that wasn't from his bank and he hadn't signed and yet had his routing and account numbers on it. He called the police who then called me. I don't really understand where my misbegotten drivers licence number factor in to this but it played a part. Yay.

I told the Detective from Wilmington that they found her and  if they needed charges pressed, if they needed someone to come to court, if they needed someone to be aggrieved, I was there. I really want to meet her

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Eduth said...

Maybe they will pay more attention now that they think it's a more "important" kinda crime.