Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another Tuesday

I think Dogger walked a few halting steps on all four feet!! She was limping but she had weight on both hind legs. Of course, then she wanted to get where she was going and she was back to hopping . I prefer to think of it as warming up for her role in our Easter pageant.

The other day a co-worker brought her black lab into the office and all I could think of was Look at that dog walking on all four of its feet. Man, she's not limping or favoring any of them. Look at her walking! Look at her gate! Its so smooth and unlabored. Wow.  That is so cool. . I miss my dog.

I was looking at my calender today. If (when) I get the house refinanced, which should save me lets say, conservatively $70 a month and I take out the state refund, $350 and I put them into an account, and I do more scrimping, and Dogger  if heals quickly, I could maybe, do the other knee sooner rather than later. If I can schedule surgery two on the eight week anniversary of surgery one, then if all things work out like they should, then eight weeks post that, Dogger would be recovered from both procedures  a week before we leave for vacation. That would be my dream.

But. We're at nine days post op and she's still in recovery. Her ankle is less swollen and the wound in clean. She is still hopping a lot but I don't think she's in pain and she's eating, drinking and voiding normally. I read somewhere that at four to five days post op she should have started to bare weight on that side. She's not, at least not full time and I think it might be only on accident when it happens. I think I'm abetting this non-use by using a towel under her hips whenever I take her out of her crate to prop her up and to try to conserve the other knee. I really do not want her to re-injure that one. The good news is that all that weight lifting is good for me.

Lets see. The flowers I spread all over the front of the house on Saturday are now huddled in the corner of my patio covered by a sheet because we're under a freeze warning for the next two nights.  I wore shorts and sandles over the weekend and now I'm scouting for sweaters.

Oh, and for my fellow House fans... Kutner! Dude!

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