Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunnyside Up

We finally scored a pretty weekend! And I despite the fact I had about six hours of Curb Appeal banked on my T-Faux, I actually went outside. Thanks to the many hours of CA I've been watching I started to notice how little of it my house has. It's cute, but not really appealing. I got up early  Saturday and mowed the yard, which helped, but not enough.

I decided to do something about tarting my space up.  I needed flowers. I had two plastic planters waiting in the basement  and the two that wintered outside waiting to work.  Did you know that with a power drill at your side there are very few containers that can not become planters? I mean really. If it can be drilled through, it can be filled with dirt. You don't have to spend a lot of money on something that calls itself a planter, if you think something would be a good planter - Make it into a planter!

Okay. I had the planters, I needed to go to get some dirt. I waited in line at the dirt store for forty-five minutes! Everyone in Raleigh had the same idea. Post dirt gettage, I needed flowers. Wallyworld was kind enough to put some very nice flowers on clearance because they had gotten a little old. Not dead,  not diseased not out of season just old. I got them for half off. They had the same, if younger flowers for six dollars a pot. Dumb.

Wally didn't have my bedding plants so it was onward and outward. I discovered after a online search for soaker hose tutorials that I needed a widget thingy for my soaker hoses. A widget that by the way you can't buy on the open market! I didn't know that until I went to every market I could think of though.  You have to have a special flow limit-er or pressure reducer to properly use a soaker hose.  The $8 fifty foot soaker hoses I bought don't have the same kind of reducer - They have kind of the same thing but not really. I broke down and bought a $14 dollar twenty-five foot hose because it did come with one. I'm just going to out it first in the line and let it do the job. I could have done more driving around but I just wasn't in the mood. I had planting to do and I still hadn't found my bedding plants.

Stop number four for the morning I found my bedding plants. Finally, Curb Appeal somewhat achieved.

This year my azalea bloomed, last year it didn't.
Planter Detail
Deck Appeal!
After I worked on my flower garden, I went and looked at a garden on a larger scale at the  Raleigh Arboretum .


Cat said...

your plants look beautiful!

Diana said...

Thank you! I'm going to have to figure out how to dress them in little flower footie PJs for tonight and tomorrow though for them to stay pretty.