Friday, April 24, 2009

A Happy Customer is a return customer.


I'm sorry but I can't replace one plant from the collection. A refund in the amount of $3.33 for the cost of the Tangerine Mama is being processed.

No argument, no wheedling, no finger pointing. I should have known they were rock stars because my order was packed beautifully for shipping, arrived on time and in great condition. I took a risk ordering plants through the mail and they more then exceeded my expectations. When I had a problem, they solved it. Wow. That's what I call really good customer service. I'm just not accustomed to being treated that well by vendors and I told them that too. It's important to let a company know when they exceed your expectations as well as when they miss the mark. I emailed them late Tuesday and Thursday they got back with me. Burpee offers excellent customer service. 

I thought I would just try, the plant died and you know, I mean if you don't ask... You never know and while a new plant might have been cool and  they certainly don't sell Tangerine Mama at Wally-World.  I am more than satisfied with the refund. I will most certainly order my plants from them next year too because they offer a great product and I can be secure that if anything does happen Burpee stands behind their products and offers offers excellent customer service  I had a problem and they solved it. Period. Great company and great service, I wholeheartedly recommend Burpee for your seed and plant needs.

I was feeling so flush with success with this that I decided to take on my vet insurance. They finally under wrote Dogger, which is nice but reading the small print was decidedly not as nice. I knew they wouldn't cover her Addison's  and I had my doubts about her knees I had assumed there wasn't anything else they could decide to not cover. I  mean once you have said you won't cover the pricey chronic disease or the expensive acute orthopedic issues what's left?

Her teeth.

I brush her teeth. I used to brush them a lot more frequently than I do now but I still brush when I can, which is more than some people. The vet has never touched her teeth, ever. However, on her chart it says that she is undergoing ongoing dental treatment!  Because I brush her teeth!  I saw it under the list of things they consider a pre-existing condition and I went through the roof.

I sent an email,  where I calmly and rationally and without a single expletive explained the misunderstanding and left it in their hands. I don't think I should be punished for being responsible and doing routine maintenance of her teeth. I've always taken good care of her teeth and if something does happen to them it should be covered. If I never did anything to them and just let them rot I would understand... No, I wouldn't, I would expect my insurance to pay to fix them. It made me mad, I'm paying them $30 a month in the hopes that they would pull my fat out of the fire if I ever needed it.  So far they have left me to burn.

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