Friday, April 3, 2009

Sleep Worker

I've spent all day at work thinking that what I really want to do is to curl up under my desk and nap. I mean there are a lot of staples under there and it's kind of dusty and the floor is hard but it just seems like such a good idea.

I'm drowsy, it would be not a good idea to sleep at my desk so what's a better solution than to nap under my desk? I would be out of sight, sleeping peacefully and its not like anyone is going to come looking for me - Interested parties would look in the door, see that I was not in my chair and then go away! They would assume that I was running something somewhere or "down the hall" or whatever. I could conceivably be under there for hours.

It doesn't help that the sun hasn't come out all day and the sky is the color of a gray crayon and the light is filtered all weird and its just somnolent. I don't want to be awake because the weather is working against me staying awake. If I was supposed to be awake it would be sunny and clear and nice - Instead its overcast, gray and drizzling. No one should be expected to stay awake during the day in weather like this.

Oh and now someone wants me to scan something! Am I coming into their office and making giveing thm work to do? I think not! You would think that it would be obvious to the fact that I am curled up in a ball in my desk chair that I am not up to this! Gawd.

Oh and now its raining! That'll help with keeping me away. Dark, rainy and dismal! How is conscience supposed to compete with that? its not even fair. If I was conscience I would call foul on that because its just cheating. Now I want to sleep at my desk! I don't even want to waste the time it would take to get under my desk. If I were to turn my office light off at this point I would probably fall out of my chair.

I went to bed at a reasonable hour and everything; I woke up kind of early but I didn't get out of bed so it really didn't count as being awake as far as I am concerned because for me "awake: is defined by being weight bearing, vertical and performing tasks. I woke up naturally and looked at the clock, ascertained it was way to early to be awake and went to not-asleep-but-not-awake. I was fine. Tiny was not. Tiny sensed the change in my heart rate and decided that even with my eyes closed I was very much awake and he saw an opportunity to make me feel loved. In his mind I was clearly lonely and sad and he was the only one who could save me from this horror. Such a thoughtful little guy.

So now I want to sleep under my desk, the only place I can get any rest.

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