Thursday, April 2, 2009

In and Out

I decided to not go home at lunch today. I know, bad dog mommy but when I walked out of my building it just seemed cold and kind of damp and windy and I decided I didn't want to expose Dogger to any of those things right now. I also don't really want her to spend too much time out of her crate. She's supposed to be crate-fast for two weeks and I don't want to risk injury because I'm projecting how much I hate being stuck in enclosed spaces. She might like enclosed spaces! She's a dog, they like caves.

I served my penance though. Instead of going home I went to my McDonald's for a happy meal and ran into Overly Familiar Counter Guy for the first time in months. I didn't think he still worked there. I think it was Gawds way of telling me to eat a protean bar and ride my bike at lunch instead.

Life on Mars is ending tonight. I really like that show and I wish it had more of a chance. The British version only ran 16 episodes but the shows there are engineered to only run a very short time and the stories are designed to move along faster and wind up faster. We get used to shows running almost indefinitely and the stories having more time to evolve. E.R is also ending this week, speaking of "indefinitely and evolution". I can't believe its over. What am I going to do during from 10-11pm on Thursdays? I've been watching E.R since it started and now it's over. Do you know how many Fridays I've woke up thinking Yay! it's Saturday! only to remember Wait, E.R was on last night. It's Friday. I'm going to miss those people, I grew attached to even as I grew tired of them.

The show did that on purpose. A new cast member would join and every storyline would be All About Them for weeks,and they would force us to love the new guy - and then we would ignore them for a while as they geared up for the exit of another cast member and it would be All About Them for weeks and the would force us to loath the old guy until they finally left. The chief of the E.R was always an officious asshole who was Going To Make Changes Around Here until they got beaten into embracing the idea that It Is Different Down Here and finally joined the slacker fold. You could set your calender every season because something crashed into or blew up or opened fire onto the E.R or the loading bay every year. I mean big things, big PTSD causing conflagrations that mostly just slid off their collective backs like water off a duck - Unless they became raging alcoholics or drug addicts or killed themselves. No one developed a tick or got a little neurotic at that workplace.

I liked that when a co-worker left or as was the case most of the time, died violently that they stayed gone, most of them at least and there was very little pining for them, just like in real life. I liked the constant coming and going and now all of them are leaving. Sigh.

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