Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Post Operative Anxiety

Hi, My name is Diana

Hi Diana!

My name is Diana and I am an over-protective Dog mommy.

Let me explain, as we all know Dogger had surgery on Friday. Sur-ger-y. A surgeon cut into her leg and rooted around.  I've been a lucky girl, I've never had surgery and I have never lived with an incision. And? If I had,  there is a very good chance that the incision would be covered up! I would not be looking at the wound. The wound would be hidden from view.

I think for dog surgery,  bandaging the wound would have  placed the procedure  outside my price point.  Doggers incision is right out there in the open. I have nothing to do but watch it all day. I watched it starting to look red and her ankle looked very swollen and when I came home at lunch, I watched a leetle bit of blood appear. The wound was red and swollen and appeared to be bleeding!

And she has squealed! She's made terrible dog-in-pain sounds and I can't have that, she can't have that. I called my vet and explained my dog was squealing and needed to get in now, now, now or failing now, I could do later. Later worked. Do you know what else I had scheduled for later? My precinct meeting! I had brow beaten my chair about scheduling it and now I couldn't go! Do you know how many precinct meetings I've missed? One, I've missed one, but that wasn't my fault really because I didn't get a notice... But that was years ago . Lately, I have not missed a meeting even when everyone else has and I've sat there like a nudge by myself. I take these precinct meetings very seriously, I didn't miss this lightly.

I did  technically attend the meeting. I signed in. I called ahead and told my chair that it wasn't going to happen and arranged to meet him early. He gave me shit and I gave him money for our precincts dues. I'm still going to be a delegate.

Post kissing my  precinct chairs ass, I raced to the vets. I tied Dogger down in two different places to keep her from doing the happy-dogger-dance-of-joy she likes to do in the car. We got to the vet and were ushered into an exam room where I finally met Doggers surgeon! He was wearing a tie decorated with happy cocker spaniels! So cute! He looked at Doggers leg and checked out her incision and cankle and said she was fine and the wound was healthy and clean and in good shape. It turns out I wasn't seeing bleeding, I was seeing dried blood that got wet. He explained as she starts to use the leg more there will be fluid escaping and its not a bad thing and it does not mean gangrene is setting in. The cankle will go away.

They didn't charge me for the visit.

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