Monday, May 11, 2009

Garden Update 3

I'm not sure if it reads well in the picture but one of my tomato plants is clearly offspring of Jacks beanstalk. The others are growing well too, but not like Beanstalk Jr. One of them seems to be getting wider but not taller, it's my surviving Mama variety. I think its the yellow variety and I'm beginning to think that maybe it's a weak sister to the other more butch varieties. A variety called "Italian Ice", which produces small, white fruits is kicking it's ass in the growing and developing  portion of the pageant. Maybe the Mama plants are just not as suited to here as the others? My other Mama plant died almost immediately. Yellow Mama is still perking along though its just not growing  taller- Maybe its a younger plant? It might just be a function of maturity. I hope so because the one is looking to turn into a shrub.

The peppers are doing well, I'm prepared for them to take longer to really get going, so the fact they seem kind of puny is officially not causing me stress this year. Last year I think it was well into the growing season before they produced anything and I was freaking out .

Oh. I planted more plants. I know, I know. I say I'm finished with planting and I go and plant more. It's a sickness - But the plants I planted this time are flowers so they don't count  as "Oh Dear Gawd, not more plants!"  in my book. Flowers are pretty and decorative and they are pretty and decorative without anyone's help. Besides, I've known this plants since they were seeds, Alphagal started them herself and has been hand raising them for weeks. I've added black eyed susan vines to my backyard. The front of the house is covered with flowers and I'm really happy with the way it looks. My back yard on the other hand  just looks like ass. In addition to the vines, Alphagal gave me some nasturniums that went right into the garden. Nasturtiums are eatable and make very good companion plants in a vegetable garden.

Vines need something to climb and as I was coming home from Broskey and Alphagals' I was thinking maybe I should stop and pick up trellis material so the plants could  climb - But then I decided that  the trellises I've seen at Poverty Barn aren't really what I had in mind and they were  too expensive and  clearly cheap at the same time. I hate that.  I went home and it was then that I had an epiphany! I did have trellis material, it just wasn't a trellis! Two or three years ago I bought these cheap wire fences to keep Dogger away from some plantings and I still had them - They are terrific trellises! Tall enough, strong enough and all ready in my back yard. I just used a wire clipper to separate the sections and put them to work. I have three of them, two against the back fence and one against the basement bar. Score! And even better? Recycling/Reusing/Repurposing! Pin a green star on me!

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susie said...

You garden looks great!! When we come in early July, maybe you can bring tomatoes to the BBQ or crawfish boil, or whatever SNG, AG and you decide to do for your mom's b'day!