Friday, June 12, 2009


Today I achieved something few women attempt and fewer care about: Today my purse matched my shoes! I know, I know, its debatable if I will ever achieve such greatness again and I may have reached my peak. It's okay, I'm old, if I hadn't reached it yet, it was too far away. Some people write classic works of literature, other create great art, still others find cures of deadly disease, I matched my bag to my shoes to my bag.

I aimed low and I think I finally caught the Styrofoam  ring. Go Me.

Today was a day without work. We all got up, got dressed, did our morning routines and came to the office to sit at our desks and do nothing. All day. Sure, the phone kept ringing and the complaints came in but there was no where to put them as the programs we put them are down for an upgrade. I think I now understand Internet fatigue, I am actually tired of surfing the web!  My fingers are sore.

It's been a long day, the highlight thus far has been the bell pepper a better gardener friend brought me off her pepper plant. Her peppers are producing. The major difference between our pepper husbandry methods seem to be that hers are being grown in pots and mine are in the ground. Next year its pots for my peppers!  My peppers are doing nada, they are barely producing blooms much less peppers and it is making me sad. Sad and as green eyed as my gift pepper.

On the upside, I was able to change Doggers' 5pm  vet appointment to 4pm so I get to leave work early (!) and  make the appointment and make the board meeting  edited to add, Congratulations Rosa Gill! I can multi-task. edited to add further,I would have more time to work on tasks if it hadn't gone to three ballots to get a winner. In the ten whole minutes I'm going to have free this evening I am going to get my car packed for a trip to my parents and the beach this weekend.

Lets all hold a happy thought for Doggers' appointment. Lets hope everything is okay. edited to add yet again, She's fine, the doc was very happy with her knee and thinks maybe she had a flair up of arthritis and that was why she went lame. She now has a months worth of anti-inflammatories. We're free to start our walks again and she's out of her crate.

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