Thursday, June 11, 2009

Working Out

Pant, pant, Well, I got the yard mowed. It didn't seem that hot when I started or I wound't have started in the first place Gasp. I was kind of looking for some exercise but I had thought I might go by the post office again, I think I would have been less worn out. And it seemed so nice. Nice little breeze, not all that hot, the sun was going down and by the time I was about 2/3 of the way through I wanted to die and I realized my yard was a lot bigger than it looks.Pant, pant

I did get four more beans of the plants though and there are more baby tomatoes than there were yesterday. I haven't found any worms on any of the plants either in days but I still gave a few newly emerged leaves a little pesticide bath to keep them from suffering the same fate as their older siblings. I could strain spaghetti through some of them. The good news is that the stems are now trunks and the plants themselves seem strong and healthy.

Oh and speaking of growth, the morning glories I put in as seeds are now finally starting to grow up the fence! I was afraid that I had someone ended up with dwarf varieties because neither kind seemed very interested in climbing the fence and more interested in clumping on the ground, which is great for ground cover not so great for something that is supposed to grow to ten feet. While they are growing taller and spreading over the fence, the two varites combined have only produced one bloom and that was on one plant while it was still clumping. I can tell though, at some point they will all be very pretty plants and they'll blanket my fence with blooms. I can't wait and even better? those blooms will bring in bees and those bees will help my garden grow and I am all about that. One of the other women at work as her plants in pots and she all ready has a bell pepper! I hate her.

In other parts of the yard my black eyed susan vines are not doing as well, they're climbing a little but they aren't as vigorous as I would like to see after this much time in the ground. I'm a little concerned but I'm holding out hope because they haven't died yet I haven't managed to kill them yet and are still green and pretty and at least giving indications that they will do their thing.

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