Friday, June 5, 2009


If you felt a disturbance in the force, it was because for the first time since I started spraying my plants it didn't rain on my freshly sprayed poison and for the first time in weeks there were no worms on my broccoli plants when I went out to walk the fence line in the morning and again when I surveyed the grounds later when I came home from work.  Seven is the bomb yo.-  Actually is probably really is, there is a list of caveats on the bottle that legally informs the consumer  that the act of buying the product is a war crime in 24 countries and California and I shouldn't try to leave town. Right now it is raining and by the morning there will be worms on my broccoli plants yet again .It's not my fault,  picking the little green bastards off by hand is very stressful to worms. It literally scares the shit out of them,  have you ever experienced  the non-wonder and the non-glory of  having fresh worm shit on your hands? You would turn to chemical weapons too.

 The rain is going to wash my poison off, but this time I'm a less nasty Sarah Palin and they are predatory, plant killing green wolves. Ya Betcha. Also.

No longer speaking of killing things smaller than myself.

You know what I really want to do right now? I want to go purse shopping! I mean, I really, really want to go out and look at purses. I'm obsessed. I spent the afternoon cruising Ebay and I've kind of narrowed down my search. I think I'm either going to go with a patten leather because they are everywhere - Which isn't necessarily a vote in their favor, I don't really want to see my purse on your arm, but at the same time the shiny thing is growing on me. There are lots of colors and many, many of them are not red, black or brown. Some are yellow or pink. I like pink. No white though, white is an open invitation to all sorts of bad things to happen and I don't want to risk it. Also, it makes me think of the Golden Girls, whom I do not aspire to.

My other choice seems to be cotton prints. I like prints. They go with nothing and everything at the same time. No giraffe though or zebra, which thankfully seem to be leaving the purse stage. The purse I'm carrying now has stripes and if it was constructed in a completely different way, I would carry it all summer. In the past I've carried a Flamingo printed bag and that was cool too but I've all ready carried that and now it's time for a new one or a new to me one. I'm not picky about that. Have I mentioned I love purse shopping on Ebay? Love. It. So much fun you have no idea. There are hundreds of thousands of purses there. It's purse nirvana.

If all else fails? I'm just going to start carrying my faux  watering can again. It's a very cute bag and I got lots of compliments on it and even better, I never, ever saw anyone else carrying it. Its main problem being it had no zipper and it was an odd shape. Way, way cool though, definitely cool enough to carry again. But only if there are no alternates. I'm thinking of hitting a purse store downtown that may be promising, it may also be very, very expensive and I'm not in to that. it's locally owned and the designer is from Raleigh. The designs look orginal-ish but a little bland, but I'm willing to give it a chance. Wht I have seen in the windows puts me in the mind of  some of the bags they sell on Etsy, so that is to say expensive, green, well made and one of a kind. Etsy is the anti-Ebay.

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