Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mission Accomplished

Oh. I finally got my purse! Yay. I saw it over the weekend but I was holding out for my Ebay purse and I let it go. I was afraid it wouldn't be at the store anymore and I couldn't find it when I first started pawing through the racks! I almost settled for the same bag in beige but I just couldn't do it! beige, I mean, really.  It took a lot of shopping to talk myself into white as an option, there is no way I could go with beige and it was that yucky builder beige too. I did not want to start the big purse hunt over again, fortunately, I found my purse hiding behind a much less attractive bag. Yay!

But, victory over the forces of bad bags. And there are a lot of bad bags out there. Really, really ugly bags, just shockingly ugly purses that I can not imagine anyone carrying. Not just a little questionable but bags that even if you were carrying it in the most ironic way, would still be ugly - And some of the most ugly are the most expensive. Betseyworld bags for example are fuggly and there are everywhere, well at least they are everywhere I looked but admitedly my shopping options are limited. I have my suspicion's that they are not sold at Nordstrom.

I was really bummed about my purse getting bid out from under my on Ebay though, that was cold. I hate snipers. See, if I had been the one out last minute bag shopping, I would have bypassed the bag because there was only one bidder and that bidder kept upping the price. it would have looked questionable to me, but if the winner wanted to pay $39 for  a bag I wouldn't have paid more than  $19 for, well, that's her loss.

Whatever. If my bag gets dingy all I'm going to have to do is hit it with a little white shoe polish.

I've been trying to get Dogger an earlier appointment to see the surgeon but I have been unsuccessful. How dare he run a thriving practice and not be able to see me on my schedule. I hate that. And now there is a new wrinkle, actually, its a wrinkle that I should have known about but I couldn't be bothered to read my own mail. It turns out that on Thursday I may be double booked. I am on the Wake County Democratic Party Executive Committee and we are meeting at 6pm to decide who is going to get the seat that was opened up when we gave the guy who had the position a promotion to the seat that was vacated when its holder passed on.

That meeting was held at 7pm, it didn't get started until 7:30 because rules don't apply to everyone and some people live in different time zones, there's no time to waste like other peoples. Ass-wipes.

ANYWAY. This meeting starts at 6pm, our appointment is at 5pm and I think I'm going to have issues. The two locations are on totally different sides of town and I don't see how I can get to both and I don't think Dogger wants to go to the meeting. What I should do is just give my proxy to my chair and not worry about it. I don't really want to go waste time at the meeting anyway or I would have made a point to read my mail, and to be honest, I don't really care who gets the seat as long as they are electable and I think we gave the single most electable candidate the last job. What we were left with is not a wildly exciting group and I had pretty much decided to vote for the similarly unexciting lone female candidate until I got a phone call from one of the other candidates and learned she's the only non-white on the school board and I don't know how great it would be for her to leave that position.

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