Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Gah. So much frustration. Something not her Addison's, Thank God, is wrong with Dogger. She isn't using her knee knee anymore. She is pulling that leg right up where it was right after the surgery, and she won't put it down when I tell her too and she has done that since she started walking on all fours again. But there was no injury, no Oops moment. I don't understand!

 I also kind of think something may be happening with the other, original injured knee as well. Great.  I was worried about her so I took her into have her electrolytes checked because she was a little off, fortunately, her 'lites are okay, low average, but within normal limits. I called the surgeon too, but he can't see her until Thursday. I'm not thrilled about that. I tried to get her in for Tuesday, their late day but they were fully booked - but I am going to hope for a cancellation and try calling again, maybe I can drop her off at lunch or something. She isn't behaving like she's in pain, but animals are good at hiding their pain. So she's back in her crate full time until we see the doctor. Dogger will be thrilled.

She's was making such good progress too. Sigh.

Another frustration? I had a bid on a really  nice purse on Ebay. it was very cute and no one had any interest in it at all, for weeks.  I had the minimum bid and... waited. But just to be safe, I upped my bid before I left for the day an hour before the auction closed, thinking "Oh, well, if I do get out bid, they will have to pay too much. No one is going to pay that much for that bag and if they do, well, they want it that bad, they can have it." Well, they wanted it bad enough. Feck.

Now, I'm still without a purse. I did see one that I liked over the weekend but it was more than I wanted to pay, but I will carry it for the rest of the summer and it did fill all my requirements, except for the "I don't want a white bag" one. It's white, very very white. It's cute though and I liked it better than all 4200 other purses I have either visited in the store or looked at online.  Hopefully, it will still be at the store and I can go back after work on day.

Another frustration? The computer is being a bitch. It will let me get online but it wasn't letting me go there. I turned it on and off four times before it finally let me do my thing. Hateful, hateful thing.

One good thing?  I rode my bike to the post office for the first time since, well, the last time, last fall and I did it without wanting to die.

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