Monday, June 8, 2009


Over the weekend I went to the Larkspur Party.  There is a family in Raleigh with a huge lot and a beautiful garden and every year they open it for the people of Raleigh to come see, they also have booths for area artists and nurseries so that we too can make our yards beautiful.. Its' very nice. This year I was hopeing to finally find an urn for Tex but I again was not able to find what I wanted. I did get a lovely little bowl though.

Pictures from Larkspur.

I am now absolutely sure that he needs a wooden container the shape of a good sized sugar bowl. In a light wood, birch or aspen I think.  I have two more art fairs to hit, one I can go to and one that  I will have to use a surrogate shopper. But at least now I know what I'm looking for : Roundish, light wood, highly polished, with a lid. I am looking for an artisan piece because like a work of art, Tex was an absolute one of a kind original.

Did any of you get a donut on Friday? I got two. One from Dunkin, where I was the only one in the store and they were almost out of donuts and one from Krispy Kreme, where there was a zillion donuts and I waited in line for 40 minutes! For real. It was totally worth it though.

Oh! Also on Friday! I had my first harvest of the season!

Okay, it wasn't exactly a blockbuster harvest, but , I know I was completely overjoyed so it doesn't matter. Right now there are more beans set to be ready within the next few days and my raspberry plants are covered with future berries. The tomatoes are cruising along with new tiny fruits everyday and the rest continue to mature. The peppers and the broccs are still works in progress.

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