Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Here we go again

I came home, greeted the little animals, changed  into walking shoes and  looked at the mail Hmm. Bills. How wonderful. I will definitely get back with these, but first Dogger needed her second walk and then I needed to watch  Tifauxed Curb Appeal, it's about setting your priorities and sticking with them.

Before I left I brought the mail into the diningroom. I put the bills on the table and said The City and Lowes. Okay . I get a bill from Home Depot, not Lowes. I didn't think about this. I should have. I take Dogger for her walk, feed her,feed myself - steamed fish and broccoli and some pasta. Nummy. Dogger gets kibble, also nummy.

Time passes and I watched my Curb Appeal and a Netflixed Ricky Gervais do stand up. I guffaw, but I still don't get it. I decided to pay those bills and then ride my bike to the post office before Doggers third walk. I thought this was a good idea and it would have been and then I open the bills. This is the first time I thought about the Lowes bill. I haven't bought anything at Lowes in a very long time, over  a year and that was to pay off the clothes washer, I haven't actually used the card in a long time. I had to order a new one after my purse got stolen but that was a long time ago. Then I opened the bill, curious about what it was I bought and forgot about.

DAMN IT TO HELL  $754.58!!!!!

And then I  had temper tantrum,  I dumped out my purse and went though my wallet and my card was right there. Some ass wipe in Pennsylvania went shopping with my number.  My card had been charged  $375.66 for lovely double bowl sinks, two sink strainers and bath water sealant in Lebanon , PA and then the next day it  was charged $378.90 in W. Hazleton, PA where when they went to another Lowes and bought two garage door operators hardware, Schlage door locks, landscape fabric, and various unspecified hand tools and misc garage door parts.


I stopped screaming, tried to cool down and called Lowes. And sat on hold for half an hour and heated right back up again. I read somewhere that if you curse at the hold music that it will get you through faster. It doesn't and I cursed a lot to test it out. Finally, a human came on the line and we had a visit. I told him about my purse being stolen a year ago and gave him my report numbers - Which wasn't relevant to this case of credit fraud, but it felt like the right thing to do at the time. In real life, I canceled my old card when I canceled everything else. This stolen number was my new number so the old reports aren't going to do very much. They wanted me to file a police report but there isn't anything to report, this time I wasn't involved and nothing was physically stolen. Lowes  messed up somewhere with my data and now they get to eat $754.58 and my goodwill. My old thief is still out there but she has never been  interested in hardware, she steals girly things. Bless her.

Lowes isn't going to make me pay any of it, BECAUSE ITS THEIR DAMN FAULT . They also canceled my card and told me to expect a packet with paper work about  the fraud. I know when it arrives I'm going to get all kinds of stolen purse PTSD and I'm not looking forward to that.

I'm just so pissed again. I'm taking deep breaths and fondling my Harry Potter ticket.

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