Friday, July 10, 2009

It's finally Friday

It hasn't rained in a while but it was over cast and a little gray, so I thought I would make it rain by watering my flowers in the front. It never fails, I water the flowers and it starts raining before I've had a chance to clear the porch. If it's been really dry, sometimes it won't start raining until I get inside the house but it will rain if I water the flowers, especially if they don't really need to be watered and they just want to be watered and I decide to indulge them. Pouring rain.

It still hadn't started raining so I changed into a white tee shirt and  walked Dogger - She hates walking in the rain  so surely the skies would open up. Also, I had on a white tee shirt, I mean come on! - all told? I should have had to swim home. Yeah. Not so much.

I hate having to water my plants  the same way some people object to using pesticides, I object to using city water. I'm into totally organic hydration. I like my water free range.

I had to pull out one of my bean plants. it had essentially turned into paper and it wasn't producing beans so I had to let it go. I feel bad about it but not really bad, last year I pulled out all my squash and most of my cucumbers so I've kind of learned to suck it up and let nature take its course. If it dies it dies and that's what happens. Also, I have seeds for the beans. They're replaceable.

My plan  while I was daydreaming about not being at work, was  that I would come home, walk the dog, put the trash out and run the dishwasher.I try not to let my reach exceed my grasp.  I tried to take Dogger for a walk when I got home  but she didn't want to, I'd force her to go but I'm not sure it's good for her knee to lock in place.  I was more successful with pushing the button to make the dishwasher run.

I was going to take the trash out but I wanted to not do that. I used to feel really pressured to take the trash out and the recycling and everything Thursday night because the world would end. Or something. It turns out that shockingly,  if I take everything to the curb Friday morning instead, that the world will not come to an end. I was really surprised the first time.

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