Thursday, July 9, 2009

Walk it off

I have had a day. Dogger agreed to take a nice walk this morning, worked, worked, worked then I rode my bike at lunch,  worked, worked, worked  then after work Dogger and I went for another good walk at five and then I took another bike ride to the post office after that. Whew! But I'm not finished yet! Dogger and I took a great walk at eight. All this exercise would be great except all this extra exercise is making me extra hungry.

And we all watched Bolt . Why didn't anyone tell me how sad it is? I mean really! I was happy that Dogger had her back to the screen playing with her toy so most of the time she wasn't watching it. Tiny was watching and now he's sad. Tiny is never sad, he's never been sad and now he is. Thanks Disney you made my kitten sad. Good going.

The ads made it look like it was all funny and joyful and a laugh a minute. The trailers made it all about the hamster! No one talked about the depressed animals around him. He was like happy and shit all the time or pretending to be a bad ass and in real life, he was just too demented to really grasp what was going on. They totally exploited him.  It's a damn sad movie, now I know why it wasn't a Happy Meal movie. I watched the ads for it and I said Wow! What a great movie!  Puppies! Kitties!  a Hamster in a ball! The toys will rock!  The only rocking was what I did because I was stressed over the animals. Not happy! A sad, lonely lost puppy and a sad, abandoned Kitty and a clearly demented hamster. Wow. A laugh riot.

I mean, ultimalty it was a good movie and I believed in all the characters and didn't hate the little girl out of hand even after I found out she was Miley Sirus but damn! the movie should come with a warning.

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