Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Garden Update 10

First, today is 7-8-9! and  I want to brag on my harvests

 those little red tomatoes are not the same as the tomatoes in the first shot
In the first shot we have some very nice little tomatoes and two even nicer Carolina Golds! They are beautiful fruits and really quite large and I love their color. I'm really proud of thoseThat plant is going crazy with fruits and if even  only some go all the way, I'm going to have to learn how to cook with them. So far I've made two meat loafs with the help of the little tomatoes and they have been a great addition.
In the second shot we have my darling hand sized Gypsy pepper. They can be red, green or brown. My plant seems to be a green plant. I looked the variety up and they are good for being stuffed or used in any number of recipes where you might use a bell but  they have a thinner skin and a less watery taste are are considered a better for cooking then your bells. I put it in my meat loaf too. Num.
In shot three we have more of the little red tomatoes and a few of the Italian Ice variety. They are larger and fatter than then reds. I ate one and it tasted just like a regular tomato, I had thought the literature said they were sweeter. I think I'll let the next batch stay on the plant longer. They don't look white in the picture but they are, mostly. The large tomato is my first large red to get ripe, it's really kind of a dark pink but that is the variety, they are called Razzle Dazzle.
On to the whats in the garden but first to my issue. My green beans are ill! I've been told they have powdery mildew.
I've also been told how to cure it but its all the plants and I found the seeds. I might just yank them up and plant new ones  and tuck away the mildew cure for another time. . What should I do? The beans are not a success, but... Tomotos!

And the peppers! They are s l o w l y coming along with the smaller varieties leading the way
And finally, the brocs. I don't know if it's actually bolting, but its doing something and I'm happy

And the family picture

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