Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Today has been very Doggercentric. We did her three walks, 5:45, still not her favorite, fiveish, not my favorite and 8ish - a big hit.  I think they are helping her but they are making me tired!, I'm riding my bike at lunch too and it's just a lot more activity then I am used to. By about 3pm I really want a nap.

Dogger not only got her walks in today she also got a bath and a trip in the car. It's been a very good doggy day for her. I also noted  this afternoon that she felt up to getting on the futon today while I was at work. This is a good sign, she also had no problem getting into Minnie by herself  too. I need to keep her walks therapeutically useful without making them too challenging too soon. Friday I over did it with her and she was sore and couldn't get into Minnie or up onto the futon. I've learned my lesson. Too bad I had to learn it at her expense, but I leaned a lesson.

I've noticed something about walking a dog. When you have a dog you have a passport to anywhere.  Are you trespassing? Maybe a little, but you're just a dog walker, you  aren't there on purpose! Are you in  a not-great-place that if you were dogless you would never go? Not a problem with your dog, it's saying "I'm harmless, but this dog could be a lethal weapon. I'm just passing through. These aren't the droids you are looking for."  I keep moving, keep my head down and don't cause trouble. No one has ever bugged me because they see me all the time all over the place and they think I'm packing a loaded rottweiler.

It doesn't matter what caliber of dog I'm packing, I'm with  Dogger! Everyone no matter how G they are, loves Dogger. She has more friends then I will ever have. There are folks around here who don't feel the white girl, but they love the big orange dog and always ask  her how she's doing  and offer her rehab pointers and diet tips. I'm invisible and I've gotten used to being a prop, but  I'm cool with it. People will talk to Dogger who would never talk to me, and through Dogger I can talk to people I would probably never talk to.  It's weird but it works.

At five it was hot, and it was like walking into a Spike Lee Joint, when we walked again at eight,  it was like walking  into  a Penny Marshall film. It was five degrees cooler and the sun had moved. Same place, totally different world.

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