Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bad A

To my everlasting shock it rained today. Actual, measurable rain. It got overcast and then it got dark and it thundered and then instead of  just petering out and getting sunny again, as per usual -  it rained! It looked like it was going to rain, it got windy, the temperature dropped like a stone to the low nineties and we all held our breaths and said Nah. It does this all the time, it's not going to do anything the lying sack of shit! and then it rained and it kept raining. It didn't decide it liked it or anything but I noticed when I came home that my yard looked slightly less dead and the possibility that I might have to mow it for the first time in four weeks has been raised.  In celebration, one of my eternally green tomatoes started to blush! Which means, maybe, at some point it might actually stop being green! I don't know what to think.

It also means that one of the  garden terrorists might notice it and steal it. I hate squirrels! I've had the garden for three years and no one ever bothered it, the squirrels had no fight with me and left my stuff alone, now suddenly they get more of my harvest then I do! When I see them outside I bang on the windows and instead of running away in respectful fear, wave at me! and one of them I'm pretty sure flipped me off the other day.  I don't need  more pesticides, I need a pellet gun.

Anyway. It was cool after the rain so I took Dogger for her 5:00 pm walk at 5:00 pm!, we've been cheating since its been so hot. 5pm has been getting later and later and has kind of morphed into her evening walk. She's only been getting walked twice a day and now only in the dark. I feel bad about that because I know its good to expose her to  sunlight sometimes and I am a little afraid of rickets with her as it is, and its harder for me to pick of cans and bottles when I'm trying to be all bad ass walking my big dog in the dark. Looking for shiny things and playing hide and seek with water bottles  is not bad ass. Dogger has learned how to pee on the go, which is kind of bad ass.

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