Thursday, July 15, 2010

Maybe I should start drinking coffee

Tonight was supposed to be the first day this week where I came home directly after work. Monday after work, dropped something off, Tuesday after work I went shopping, Wednesday I was suppsoed to go striaght home but I got lassoed into a retirement party for my boss's boss. Lovely woman by the way, had a long and interesting career in state government and one hell of a story teller. Long stories. Long, stories that would be great to listen to,say Saturday morning on NPR not on a work day when I was supposed to get off forty-five minutes ago.

You know what I miss about the television season? Boundaries! Rules! Direction! Discipline! You can't screw around or waste time or spend too much time at retirement parties for people you don't know because your shows are on! You have come home and get your chores done: feed that dog! make that dinner! empty that dishwasher! fold the laundry! and get them done promptly! There is no time to waste because starting at 8pm (7pm central) you have shite to do!

The long summer days suck as far as setting boundaries for myself but it also allows me to stretch those boundaries and get stuff done after work. I do not enjoy spending the winter months running errands over my lunch hours but I need to use what daylight I still have left after work to get Dogger walked but over the summer, I can get those same errands done after work and get my chores done and not miss my TV. I still like getting home sooner rather than later and Dogger doesn't like having to wait and I don't like making her wait because she doesn't hire out her wet-work. She gets mad? she has her ways of letting me know.

I don't nap in the winter. I do so much more napping in the summer. Its always a good time for a nap, I don't have time for naps in February! I have to get things done! I'm also so much more alert in the winter, over the summer I'm hot nearly all the time and that makes me lazy and nap prone. In the winter I'm cold all the time I have to keep moving just to not freeze to death, its hard to nap when you are afraid of losing your nose. In the winter I'm certainly not burning what little daylight there is by napping, I'm getting stuff done before my shows come on. In the summer it stays light forever, there's nothing to watch on TV so why not just take a nap? Sure! It stays light until what? midnight? Why not watch a couple of hours of HGTV and then take another nap!

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