Friday, July 16, 2010

Garden Update 13?

I know you have missed Garden Updates - I have too but Blogger has made it very hard and time consuming to post multiple shots and the whole narrative isn't the same without illustrations. I will try though.

I have harvested a number of Forth of July tomatoes, they range from smallish to mid-sized and despite their size they are slice-able,  a big pink, which shockingly, is actually big and pink and I think two Carolina Golds.

Much to my shock, the experimental pepper is kicking the traditional planted peppers butts! I have four young peppers on the EP plant and  one on the four other plants. Total.  The Experimental Tomato is also really showing the planted tomatoes up as well. The ET is covered with sizable fruits and is still making new fruits too. The plant is compact and has not out-grown its cage in the least. My planted tomatoes are all taller than I am not not covered with fruits - all but one of the plants has unripe fruits, and the remaining plant might have issues with the humidity. I wish the fruits would come ripe though. One of my plants is trying to make sauce tomatoes and I am going to make sauce with them damn it. If they ever get ripe and if it ever makes more than three fruits.

I pulled up most of the beans because they had become played out and weren't producing any longer and I thought they leaves looked a little tetchy so I pulled all but two of the plants out and replanted. The two remaining mature plants have a handful of baby beans but they don't seem to be maturing . The newly planted beans haven't sprouted yet.

My plants in the front are doing well, now that I pulled out and replaced almost everything with inpatients. The flowers I started as seeds are still plants,  plants with interesting foliage but they haven't made the transition to flowers as yet.

See? none of this makes anywhere near as much sense without illustrations! You just have to take my word for it - Tomatoes, too tall, rangy, peppers shorter and not producing, beans pulled, experimental plants kicking traditionally planted plants planty butts, flowers pretty.

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